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Tetra1990 07-14-2013 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by shellieca (Post 2561820)

LOL This is why I haven't even attempted it. :-)

I thought I'd give it another try and I've learned now. I'd hate to see him with fish.

Autumnsky 07-14-2013 05:58 PM

Good and bad...
Well moving things around and getting a new couch so had to move my 72G tank across the room. Did a 75% water change and slid and pushed that big boy and got it moved and change in like I think 30-40 min! Fast! And it looks perfect where it is now...where I originally wanted to put it. ;)

Cleaned out the cover of Salvinia Minima and Duck Weed in the 72G...needing to take that over to the Koi pond for the fish to eat.

Added water to the 37G.

Saw my 6 Otos so they are all there (minus the one that got stuck in the Gobys mouth. He is seemingly doing just fine too after the incident.)

That was the good. Now the bad...

Noticed a little grey white patch on one of the Otos backs and a fat lip on one of the blue Cochu Tetras so I will try treating the Maracyn 2 when I get home tonight from work or in the morning. I am off work for 2 days and can monitor the tank, a little unsure/nervous after the pH crash last time. But hopefully everything will go fine. And I can get rid of this nuisance illness in the tank.

I need to get this fixed so I can condense/move my healthy fish out of the 37G into the 72G and rehome some of them and the 37G tank.:facepalm:

Always something!

Mommachef 07-14-2013 08:45 PM

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Went to my lfs this morning to check on the porcupine puffer I rescued from CL on Thursday, and he was sold already! Made me happy. Went to pick up rocks, and ended up buying a 50 gallon bowfront setup, canister, and a little 5 gallon. But no rocks. Going to make the bowfront a salt water, and put maybe an angler or a fumanchu lionfish in it with some live rocks. I'm still researching all of that stuff though. Not sure what I'm going to do with the 5, but they threw it in the package for free so I wasn't turning it down. Lol
Just spent the past 4 hours deep cleaning and restacking rocks in my tanks, and everyone seems so much happier now. Today was a success!

Coryluv 07-14-2013 10:31 PM


Originally Posted by ddodad (Post 2560527)
I found 2 dead otos not too sure what happened tested the water all was perfect (0,0,5) did a 50%pwc just to mske sure

So sorry for your loss. I just got my first otos a few days ago and they are great little fish with lots of personality.

Alyxx 07-14-2013 11:05 PM

Feeding frozen food, since I will have a new spawning tank soon. Might as well start conditioning my bettas early!

Coryluv 07-14-2013 11:26 PM

Noted a bunch of new runners on my dwarf sag. Looks like my Ludwigia is finally starting to grow more. Now that I have otos I can leave the lights on longer.

molliwopp 07-14-2013 11:43 PM

Blood worm sunday.

Rodeo one 07-14-2013 11:59 PM

Managed to kill one of my favorite Zebra loaches while doing a WC :(. Sad day, he s in our pet cemetery now...

Fresh2o 07-15-2013 12:44 AM

Wife wanted to rearrange some things in the home office so she suggested that I pickup a new stand. Found one at Petco reduced from $109 to $52. Put it together and drilled a hole for electrical wires and CO2 tubing. Removed about 95% of water (fish did not like it, but catching danios in a mod/heavy planted tank is insane) and moved it. Refilled with Prime treated water (fortunately it is WC day), hooked up the DYI CO2 (added a check valve) and things are bubbling away.

ddodad 07-15-2013 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by Coryluv (Post 2562244)

So sorry for your loss. I just got my first otos a few days ago and they are great little fish with lots of personality.

I love them I have been keeping them for years. My first real loss, so down to 7 from 9 not the end of the world. I just don't want to keep the rest alive

spyderbite 07-15-2013 12:22 PM

I tested for ammonia and stared at the 4.0 reading impatiently 3 days into cycling my new tank. ;)

kjacks 07-15-2013 01:40 PM

Clean my tanks... what do you know as soon as i finished i went to make sure i didnt knock any rocks loose n poop everywhere that i missed... :/ happens everytime in the africans tank.. i swear they hide it from me lol

Once everything settles n i get off work ill reclean it or atleast spot clean

Fresh2o 07-15-2013 02:25 PM

The more I look at the new stand I got yesterday (it has sliding doors), the more I dislike the one I bought for the bedroom tank a few months ago. That one has NO doors in front and costs twice as much as the new one. :(

MMantelli 07-15-2013 08:31 PM

Added some ricchia

Ayi 07-15-2013 10:01 PM

Took out the only amano shrimp i had because it died due to killifish. About to do a water change on both of my tanks.

Ryeseen 07-16-2013 01:49 AM

Added co2!!! Hoping to see some insane growth!

Coryluv 07-16-2013 01:59 AM

Topped off with distilled water. Took day old zucchini slice out, and gave the meat eaters a bloodworm treat.

Autumnsky 07-16-2013 02:45 AM

Found two new Mystery snail egg clutches!

I still have one little one from the pet store but nothing has happened yet, maybe this week or they just probably didn't make it.

Sorry to hear about all the fish losses the last few days.

shellyx 07-16-2013 04:46 AM

Pwc on my elephant nose tank and filters rinsed.
My betta is looking a bit better today which I'm pleased about, really think he's improved after adding almond leaf.

Kylecva 07-16-2013 02:52 PM

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Just added some chaeto today not sure about the way I have it setup. Any suggestions?

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