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guppygourami 08-21-2014 10:03 PM

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Went to my LFS and got two black mollies and two red wag platies, hopefully healthy:) Also noticed that my gold molly looks a bit ill as his tail isn't fanning out like it normally does. Hopefully he hasn't come down with anything :/

The new fish keep spitting out the food I have and I'm kind of confused considering they're micro pellets. If it keeps up I'll have to buy new food I guess. Do you think it looks fine enough for them to swallow? The gold molly sometimes does it too.

Here are pics:

Attachment 247588 shy mollies Attachment 247589 red wags Attachment 247590 gold molly Attachment 247591Attachment 247592 the food

Namirah🐠Canadian, Eh?🐠

darkwolfsoul010 08-22-2014 03:51 AM

I bought a beautiful new betta for my 6 gallon tank.

I replaced the carbon filters in both my 6 gal and my axxie tank.

I played with my axolotls!

brennae 08-22-2014 04:38 AM

Today I did a 70% water change on my 55g, a 50% water change on my 29 and a small water change on my 10. I made a huge mess in the basement as I always do when I change the water (tanks are located in the basement). I really need a python!

Autumnsky 08-22-2014 05:15 AM

Went to not so local lfs found a bunch of SW Zoas and a Fiji Leather. 8 total.

Things are looking good in the tank so far. Fed BBS to SW, pwc on sw. The Scooter Blenny I got really was a Red Scooter Dragonet It is gobbling up food like crazy. Lfs was out of reef pods / Tisbe Pods, they had nothin.

Have been doing special lighting times on my 6.6G Edge, it has a little algae because I was not keeping very good track of the time and ended up leaving the light on while I was away. Way too long. Need to get a timer to make sure I don't over do the light on it.

Of course fed all the fish gave them a fast a couple days ago, can't remember when. Been too busy lately.

Masha 08-23-2014 11:30 AM

Swopped a male swordtail for a female today. Got him about 2 weeks ago, thinking he was female (his tail didn't have a spike and I only noticed that male fin when I got home)

The other male ignored him at first, but then his tail spike started to grow and the other male started following him around, not aggressive yet, but sort of going "what the heck are you, dude or dame?"

I was worried he would get aggressive so I exchanged him for a female.

She seems to be settling in ok, and the male is now very pleased with his harem of 2 females.

Next challenge : want to completely redo the decor in my little 10 gallon betta tank. No idea what to do.

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cajungrl81 08-23-2014 11:52 AM

Introduced the first half of my new tetra school: happy fishes & settling in well

Autumnsky 08-23-2014 01:56 PM

Found a couple more corals and some macroalgae for my SW and a new little Clown Goby. Bought more prepared SW and a new 5G container, the nice ridged kind the collapsible ones scare me like would puncture too easily in MY trunk, lol. Got some Phytoplankton food and a new 10W 50/50 light bulb for a spot light for the SW tank 5G.

Got 10 Celestial Pearl Danios - were on sale for 4 for $10 but since they were kinda small, he gave me 5 for $10 yipee, and a 4 inch upside down cat, Synodontis nigriventris for my DD 46G we are about to set up!

Owner showed me some really cool but really expensive Tetras 14.99 each :eek: can't remember the name right now but pretty Kinda like a black neon but with a honey to orange color above.

Moved fish from one QT to another QT to accommodate the fish purchases for the day, getting ready today to possibly move the Cardinals to the DT. Depends on what other chores I can find to do before work.

Read that the upside down cat likes DW, so went out to my grow out tank and grabbed a big DW from it and out came the hugest bunch of plants that had grown attached. It was dark and I couldn't see so I just put the whole thing in there.

It was a Java Moss ball the size of my head!!! It was about the size of a softball a month ago! That was the biggest most amazing Java Moss growth I have ever had!!!

Really great fish day!

Fresh2o 08-23-2014 05:19 PM

Big water change because nitrate and phosphate were out of whack. Trimmed and replanted the Ammania bonsai (left rear corner). BBA and stag horn algae appear to under control.

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Kittykat364 08-23-2014 06:54 PM

My dad's platy is giving birth as I type this!! She looked pretty big and when I saw the white spot between her two bottom fins along with her squaring off I knew they would come pretty soon.

Going to try to breed my betta with my sister's, he keeps wrecking his nest I don't know what's happening. Hopefully he builds a big one now that she's in a jar in his tank. If I only let them do one or two embraces, how many fry do you think I'll get? Mom doesn't want 200+ fry but I'd really like to get at least a few.

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guppygourami 08-23-2014 11:46 PM

Lost an orange molly today, ever since I introduced the new ones fish have been dying:( Saw something black dart around the tank, could've been debris but I have two female mollies who could've had fry :D

Namirah🐠Canadian, Eh?🐠

enrgizerbunny 08-23-2014 11:51 PM

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Did a 50% water change on the 55, cleaned the filter and all the tubes, scraped BBA of of them, etc. Harvested the largest zucchini I've ever seen, which will be blanched and turned into fish food.

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guppygourami 08-24-2014 01:18 PM

It turns out the black thing was one of the Molly's three fry! First time having fry in the aquarium so I hope it'll go well, with the help of AA of course.

I was taking out some ornaments in the tank to clean when I noticed two little black things dart out. I quickly scooped them out and put them into the breeding net. Rearranged the decorations and am currently waiting to see if the molly has any more even though it's pretty unlikely as at least one was born yesterday:P

Namirah🐠Canadian, Eh?🐠

Autumnsky 08-30-2014 05:09 AM

Yikes, it must have been a busy week; it has been 6 days since the last post.

So, in a recap, I have been hugely busy at work so not much time to talk fish stuff here.

Today I traded about 6 kinds of Crypts as well as other plants like starts of Anubias Nana Petite, Dwarf Vals, Sunset Hygro, plus a new in store/stock pot of Bolbitis Baby leaf and got (basically as a gift two buckets of mixed substrate for my DD's 46G tank) and a glass tank and filter for the Fluval Edge and a handful of Osmocote old version fert caspules.

I also bought a Bolbitis Baby leaf for myself (20% off) and picked up my Acan coral this pic is of it right after I put it in after traveling so it isn't as colorful/opened as it might be

The lfs had 4 amazing Killifish (not annuals), 3 males and one female and they were 8.99 ea but he offered them to me for 4/$25. I didn't do it but told him I might call him back later in the week if they were still there. I need to learn a little more about them.

Here is a cute pic of my 2 SW fish one is on the sand and the new Clown Goby I got last week is learning to come out to see me when I come over to the tank so it gets fed!!! :angel:

Fish are coming out of QT tomorrow and going to set up DD's tank, I think. She already did the outside water test and it has been inside full of water for a day now. The AC110 filter will move from my QT tank to her new tank until we can hook up a canister filter. I have one which needs a intake part so I will see if it still even works after being mothballed for a few years. But that is a project for next week or 2 since I will have to order it or try and make something. :blink: I will take a couple pics.

Kittykat364 08-30-2014 02:44 PM

I've been busy too.

I put a fry in with the older fry and I thought he got eaten (there is a 2.5 month span between the oldest and the youngest) but I just saw him this morning!! There are also double the amount of fry that we have ever seen before from dad's platies in his tank. I'm glad I pestered him to add the java moss!

I'm planning a big algae-cleaning water change on Dexter's tank (he is my first betta). I also want to do a large PWC on the 29 gal (it's looking cloudy). Finally, I want to find a better spot for my other two betta's tanks because when we close the dishwasher his bubblenest gets wrecked (and you can't breed bettas without a bubblenest after all)

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Autumnsky 08-30-2014 02:50 PM

Just finished getting the fish out of the QT which go to DD today, and trying to find enough buckets to take all the DW, moss, plants and decoration piece to get there fresh and happy right now.

Maybe have time to wash the Floramax too before I go, doing pwc on QT.

It's a mad, mad (fish) world! :)

paul87 08-30-2014 03:39 PM

Moved a few rocks around in the scale (very risky operation!) to make room for my growing frogspawn and also some zoas and a couple others. Mission success!

Kittykat364 08-30-2014 04:00 PM

Wow amazing tank!!

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Autumnsky 08-31-2014 04:14 AM

New 46G Bowfront
DD's 46G Bowfront.

Well got some used gifted substrate, mixed sand, Flourite, gravel, eco complete and DD didn't rinse it out so it was dirty.

Here is the tank when I got there, :eek:

We changed the filter to the cycled AC110 she was using a under and improperly functioning little filter.

We added the scape in the murky darkness, and siphoned out the mulm that was hovering around the bottom.

After awhile we had this...

Then it got a little better. That AC110 kicks it in high gear.

About an hour after the AC110 was on there look at the progress!

And just for fun a pic of "Ducky" walking around checking out the new territory.

Had to leave for an appointment but will be fixing everything up this next week.

Added, with a completely cycled AC 110 filter
1 M guppy
1 Crayfish
1 Opaline Gourami
1 Dwarf Gourami
1 M Halfmoon plaket Betta
1 Upside down Catfish (getting 1-2 more)
1 Blue Mystery Snail
a couple Red Ramshorn snails.

Large leaf Anubias
Java Moss
Dwarf Swords
Tiger Vals
Jungle or Americana Vals
dwarf Vals
Crypt Lutea and another I can't think of right now.

3 large DW
and 2 fish tank decorations, one is a cool "wood rock" looking thing and the other is a tree stump thing which has a nice bunch of Java Fern growing on it and the fish love it.

Since there are a bunch of "bottom" fish for this tank, we kept their favorites.

Coming soon will be a Spotted Raphael Catfish
A Purple Spotted Gudgeon and
maybe some Neons or Cardinals.

A friend of the other DD's family just suggested we take their tank and fish and everything, I don't know what kind or size or if they are serious. DD said a big tank?!?

cajungrl81 08-31-2014 09:47 AM

Had a scare with a disappearing fish first thing. Pulled up the plants, moved the caves, tore apart the filters...and still no fish. Fifteen minutes later, he swims out of the cave I had already checked. Really...?

Dallascowboys16 08-31-2014 09:53 AM

Heading out to MACNA 2014 here in Denver today with my next door neighbor and my sister! So pumped!:band: Were going to have to lie about our age to get in as you need to be 15 years or older to get in and they're both 14 but I'm 15 so were only partially exaggerating... Right?:rofl::lol: My neighbors been selling peaches at a local farmers market and is bring all $400 of his profits to buy corals for his 40 gallon reef! We all bought MACNA tee shirts at our LFS this week and were ready! Shame we could go yesterday :( as it had the most speakers and drawings and such but he had baseball and I had a football game 4 hrs away!
ill post a thread with pictures of eery thing! Cant wait! :cool:

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