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sinibotia 09-07-2014 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by CodyPuffdaddy (Post 3037080)
I clean my girlfriends tank too

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It's not her tank, it's my tank! I took it over after the only goldfish in it died and stocked it to my own preferences so she doesn't have to bother with it and it always looks nice. It just happens to be at her place.

CodyPuffdaddy 09-07-2014 07:53 PM

Ahh gotcha

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Hoffman 09-07-2014 08:15 PM

Did a wc in my shrimp home. Trimmed some plants and cleaned filter tubes in another.

Autumnsky 09-08-2014 02:47 AM

Spent quite a bit of time washing sand, rescuing MTS out of the abandoned sand bucket, lol, moving a ton of containers, tubs, buckets, misc. aquarium sand and pebbles to get them corralled and out of the way. They just keep creeping up on me!

Spent countless minutes evaluating all the stones in my rock garden for something to use for my 6.6G glass only Edge tank project (ideas) fell in love with 2 rocks but couldn't seem to get the rest of the style right with them, trying for an Iwagumi inspired look. Intended to use Petrified Wood Stones, but then couldn't get those other 2 rocks out of my head.

And the SW option - Zoa Garden

These are 3 of my SW fish staring at me - waiting for me to do a trick or feed them, AGAIN!

PWC on 12G and 6.6G. Filled Evap. Fed BBS and Worms defrosted. New Angelfish wouldn't give the worms a second look and swam around them while the Diamond Tetra Bull dozed in and scooped up everything it possibly could!

The 72G the Angels went crazy for those Tubifex worms, like usual. I am going to buy more of that stuff next time they are on sale and stock up. My SW fish are eating the bbs almost every day and seem very happy with their selections of foods of all sorts! The Saddleback Clownfish are pigs though, maybe they are just growing youngsters :thumb:

Here is a pic of them (I know it looks a lot like the last one, lol)

And my growing Clown Goby

10gal_nano 09-08-2014 11:02 AM

Moved guppy fry to 3.7

Fish are friends not food!

Dallascowboys16 09-08-2014 01:03 PM

50% water change with total rescape. Was getting tired of the old look and decided to change it out and see how I like it. Will probably change it again in the next month or s after this current scape grows in but well see if Ive finally hit the perfect look for the tank! :)

K69ace 09-08-2014 06:14 PM

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I trimmed my wisteria and left the cuttings floating for root development. Added my new moneywort. On the right front in the picture. Still misshapen from. The delivery bag, but 'waking up' quickly.
I also added 6 baby neons and a bamboo shrimp.
Someone on here said my tank was over crowded and maybe it is. As they all grow I will get a larger tank. Already picking one out. But for now the balance of the fish and the plants and 40% PWC are keeping my parameters in line.

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Kittykat364 09-08-2014 06:53 PM

Found tiny newborn fry in dad's tank, fed them some bbs.

My 29 planted is looking terrible. There is dirt above the gravel cap, and the water is cloudy. There is purigen in there but it isn't helping (and yes it isn't all dirty we recharged it a few days ago). Does anyone have any suggestions? My sister wants to take it all out and just put gravel in with some decorations, but I would really like to avoid that if possible.

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Darylb 09-08-2014 08:52 PM

Run a polyfilter

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Autumnsky 09-10-2014 02:35 AM

Sand substrate Kitty. Root tabs for plants.

SW - Did a little over 2G pwc on 15G. Used the old tank water to clean out the sw macroalgae vase. Fed bbs and later flaked marine food and Marine s. Those Clowns eat so much! Planning my trip to the lfs Friday. Need to pic up some pods. I got a coupon for a free bag of them or 16.95 off purchase of 2 bags, if I remember correctly. It was for promoting the manufacturer/supplier's new vendor, my lfs (an hour away).

Cute pic

Fed all the fish just a little because they looked hungry but I was trying to fast them a day. There are babies /young ones in all the tanks so I am a big sucker and gave in to feed them some. :rolleyes:

BBradbury 09-10-2014 08:34 AM

Water Changes and No WC
Changed half the tank water in one of the 55s. Have several tanks. Do water changes on a couple of tanks during the week and the others on the weekends. The no water change tank is working well. Tested the tank water in it and no ammonia or nitrite. Nitrates are roughly 10 ppm. The "Ag" plants are really working to remove most of the nitrogen in the water. Fish are fine in the pure water conditions created by the plants.


K69ace 09-10-2014 07:47 PM

What Did You do With Your Tank Today?
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I'm over stocked and needed more filtration. So I added an additional Aqueon 50 to my 26g tank. Now I have a 30 and a 50. It's quite a nice flow keeping the first awake.
Also got a CoralLife 24 with a 10000 24w and a 6700 blue light Actinic 24w. This goes along with my Aqueon 20" Triple LED. So my plants are living it too. LFS. Sold me 4 more Neons but gave me six cause they know they die easily. Not sure if that is nice or just due diligence.

Attachment 249674Attachment 249675
Old lighting vs new

BBradbury 09-11-2014 01:44 PM

What I Did Last Night
Another water change. At least 50 percent weekly. Tried 50 percent every two weeks for a short time. But, the tank water looks so clear with weekly changes than to wait the few more days.

The large, frequent water changes really maintain stable water conditions for the fish and high mineral levels for the plants.

Still use the bucket method. So, there's an exercise benefit for me.


shellyx 09-11-2014 01:52 PM

Water change day for my elephant nose 50% clean, all ready for my shrimps arriving tomorrow.
BRADBURY i know all about using buckets lol
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Kittykat364 09-13-2014 04:01 PM

50% PWC on the 29 last night at 11:30, had mom and dad help so it would go faster it probably took around 10-15 minutes. Might get some loaches or something to eat the MTS because they're all over my dad has removed over 100.

(Anyone want some MTS?)

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Hoffman 09-14-2014 12:44 AM

Tank 1: replanted and moved all of my plants, did a 25 percent water change, added 3 cherry shrimp and 1 Mexican dwarf crayfish.

Tank 2: 20 percent water change, trimmed some plants, added liquid ferts, and added flourish excel.

A very productive day!

enrgizerbunny 09-14-2014 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by Kittykat364 (Post 3041316)
50% PWC on the 29 last night at 11:30, had mom and dad help so it would go faster it probably took around 10-15 minutes. Might get some loaches or something to eat the MTS because they're all over my dad has removed over 100.

(Anyone want some MTS?)

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Pm sent

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Zimmanski 09-14-2014 10:27 PM

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Scaped with driftwood, trimmed, and took some pictures. 120 gallon tank, blooming barclaya longifolia

Rodeo one 09-14-2014 11:16 PM

Looks really nice, Zimmanski.

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Zimmanski 09-14-2014 11:18 PM

Thank you! Plants need to grow a bit more but I'm happy

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