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Barliman 10-02-2016 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by Fresh2o (Post 3380917)
Here you go...
Have not seen my tank in the last few days because of work. Will be doing a plant trim and PWC today. Plus scooping duckweed out of the QT/plant holding tank. No like duckweed.

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:rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol:

I'm saving that. :D

Autumnsky 10-02-2016 05:10 PM

Thanks everyone. The death tank has quieted down.

The next morning from the last time I had posted, the weak guppy and 2 last super red Plecos were dead, from how they looked I didn't doubt that's what I would see when I got up. Still sad of course.

Anyway, needing to view the fish keeping as a body of work not only by specific (tragic) loses. So overall I still am positive and oh so sad at the same time about it all.

There are so many home repair and work issues and family stuff going on it is really difficult to spend so much more time that I would like to with the tanks. They are mostly in auto mode.

Having the death tank issues, that ruins my plan to move my huge Neon Tetra eating Spotted Raphael Catfish to that tank and split up the mildly semi aggressive fish over to that tank and have the 80 neon tetras in the 72G.

Now there are around 35 total Neons, not the 80 purchased over the last 2 months. After the Raphael Cat ate about 30 and the others died in th QT.

THAT is a huge setback to say the least for the plan I had. Now will likely have to wait for a long while for them to go on $1. sale again. They were so beautiful to watch. I was pretty happy with that stocking plan. Moving on - just have to wait.

The next plan will be to move out all of the surviving fish from the QT after they are through the next 2 weeks. Get the entire tank sanitized. Filter cleaned out and sanitized as well and buy new media for it and begin cycling it on my 72G to start a new colony of BB. A fresh start.

Doing a ~ 20% pwc on the QT, SW and on the small tanks fast as I can, before I have to leave for the afternoon.

lunch 10-02-2016 06:16 PM

During standard weekly pwc/gravel vac I decided to remove the 2 internal sponge filters due to the difficulty in cleaning them really well without running water and replaced them with air stones, only problem is, now the thank has the constant, 'tiny bubbles popping on the surface' noise and it's quite annoying considering it used to be silent.
Can anyone suggest a remedy for this while retaining some form of bubble/surface agitation, I have a few thoughts but looking for alternatives

nirbhao 10-03-2016 12:47 AM

Friday we brought home one male and one female blue ram to join the female we already had. Apparently three is a crowd, because one of the females was murdered this morning. I hadn't seen any bullying, so I'm surprised and disappointed. Ammonia was a little elevated, so I did a bit of a water change (five gallons).

I took her back and didn't even look at other fish because I feel like a very bad fish mama. I did look at plants, however.

There was one peacock fern left, and it was very pretty but also very brown. If there's any green, I can usually get plants to bounce back, and so I asked the guy who works there how dead he thought it was. He said, "Very." I found a different plant, it's like a tree that has some kind of java fern leaves. As I was checking out, the same guy came back and asked if I wanted to nurse some plants back to health. I spent a bit of time pruning and now my fish have many more hiding places!

Now I'm sitting watching our mother guppy. She dropped her last brood mid August, and everybody's eager to meet the new fry. I keep thinking she's going in to labor. She's so huge and square! She comes over by me when I sit down by the aquaria. I'm sure that has nothing to do with how I feed her tiny bits almost every time she sees me.

Oh! I also got a rabbit snail on aquabid that I am super excited about!

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shellyx 10-03-2016 07:25 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Glad things have started settling down Autumn, but sorry for your loses so sad 😢

Pwc on Gonzos tank, really hate the diatoms! Cleaned the sides and front glass but left the back for my nerites I've added, so tempted to clean it! Can't wait till plant's fill in it looks so bare could do with taller one's at the back?
Found my bettas heater had broke 😡 luckily I had a spare, now I know why his water was cooler :banghead: other than that his plant's are growing great!
In my boraras tank I've found 13 baby tylos soo cute! I'll probably have to re home some or move a few into Gonzos tank and maybe a couple into the bettas.
Boraras are all looking good, and my plecos are more settled Thank Goodness.
A few updated pic's
Attachment 289714Attachment 289715Attachment 289716

70 gallon elephant nose tank.
30 gallon boraras , red longfin bristlenose, bamboo shrimp, crs,rcs and different snails.
7 gallon halfmoon betta and red ramshorn.

Autumnsky 10-04-2016 01:32 AM

Your Betta is looking so happy in his beautiful tank!! Looks great!

OMGG baby Tylo snails, what an exciting happening!


Well didn't get to the pwc yesterday but did bigger ones today.

Death tank will now just be called the QT tank. So that is good no dead ones again. Did a 12-15G pwc

12G tanks did about 3 gallons on each one.

72G did a 15+G pwc

The SW nano....

Well added minerals in the AM then later decided the Chaeto monster needed taming and removed a 1/3 5G bucket of the stuff. Initially could only find 3 of the Sexy shrimp but after awhile found the other one. Found the Pom Pom Crab as well. Put back a gob of Chaeto after removing it all.

Added a frag stone for the Rock Flower Anemone to grab onto. It still in on the underside of my leather frag which I can't get it the amount of light it might prefer with the RFA stuck to the bottom side. Hoping it wiggles its way onto the bare frag stone.

Removed the Caleurpa from the very middle to the back and gave the RFA and Leather more room for light.

Removed a bunch of baby Bristleworms from the Chaeto. added an air bubbler to the bucket and will put the light on it during the night to keep it green. Gave it a little extra minerals to green it up a bit more.

EDIT - just found my little brittle star I had only seen it one time and not since the tank change so was very excited to see it at the top of the Chaeto, when I went to put the light on the bucket!!!!!!! It is around 1.25" across and the center is about 3mmin diameter!


Then I found a 175G bowfront tank for $400. it has a chip in it. It was too late when I found the ad to check on it, but if it is still up for sale I will check in the next day or 2.

Then I found an old one that is 200G+ bowfront for $300 been sitting unused for 5 years so I would imagine it needs resealing and the plastic brace on top needs to be replaced. Maybe will check on that cost.


BIG! lol I would give up one of my other tanks for one of those for a Discus tank!

nirbhao 10-04-2016 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by Autumnsky (Post 3381393)
Death tank will now just be called the QT tank. So that is good no dead ones again.


Just some gazing so far today. Guys, I really am enjoying this forum. Thanks for being so great.

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nirbhao 10-05-2016 12:45 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Oh you wanted a picture of the fish? Better clean those beak marks off!

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Ruutah 10-05-2016 10:04 AM

So far today just scrubbed the algae off the sides of the outdoor 55. Plants are going nuts out there with hours of full Sun. Unfortunately it needs more plants as it's growing algae like mad as well.

nirbhao 10-05-2016 01:31 PM

Weekly parameter checks. All those new plants are consuming all of the carbon in the water, and now I have soft, alkaline water.

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gemach7 10-05-2016 09:32 PM

What Did You do With Your Tank Today?
33% water change on the 20g fowlr. Had an outbreak of algae and found a large collection of crap in the overflow. So cleaned it and the pre filter.

Will do another water change tomorrow and work out a way to add more filtration in my sump.

Temporarily stuck a piece of filter foam In-between a set of baffles.

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Autumnsky 10-05-2016 10:54 PM

Spend some time observing the SW tank today and watching the critters come out to feed.

Monday eve was watching for borgains and special online stuff, and the last 2 nights also have been reading about SW critter / coral - what different kinds are interested in feeding on. Toxicity of some varieties, and that there are more widely available types of caorals being offered and kept more frequently. Also reviewing a few more critters as possible tank mates when I do the little upgrade. Decided I need a few more Nassarius snails as they move around in the sand and keep it turned over and aerated.

Did email the 2 people with the big tanks I was interested in, one never reponded and the other said he was at work and would get back to me with the info - exact size of the tank last by night and never did. Sooooooo....... nothing on that front.

Still dreaming.

Found out that the Petsmart store has Neons on sale till the 30th for a buck each.

I'd like to try again for a new batch to go into QT next week on their delivery day just buy the whole bag of them if I can. One less adjustment for the fish to just hop straight into my QT. I am kinda getting to know the girl who works in there and will see if they come in a bag of say 100 (nope) or 50 (yes).

The ones in the tank (of that store) today didn't look very healthy.

Also will have a couple weeks then to see what to do with the two big fish that might be the Neon eaters.

Planning to buy a new batch of pods and green water /phytoplankton for the SW tank this next week (none available near where I live).

Only have so much money and so many more plans than that, lol. We shall see which deals pop up first.

Really need to do some rescaping on several tanks this next month or so. The fish and shrimp seem fine with the jumbled overgrown messes.

Ruutah 10-06-2016 02:13 AM

Watched the tanks for awhile today. I couldn't get my phone out fast enough when one of the Kuhli's decided it was time to get out of bed. LOL Just came wiggling out of the sand. I was wondering where they've been hiding.

Trimmed the Jungle Val in the community tank, and water changes on both the Fry tank and community tank.

Dwarf Sag in the community tank is making me sad. It's just not growing. It's not melting, or expanding, like I was expecting it to. I know it's just pool filter sand, but I'm using root tabs, and dosing excel. Very little growth. Vals are just trying to take over the tank. No growth from the Amazon Sword in there either. Now that I haven't had any plants uprooted in a few weeks. (Cories, and Kuhlies were leaving me presents daily of floating Dwarf Sag) Should I start trimming them back a bit?

guppygourami 10-07-2016 08:05 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Moved my betta (Toby) to his new home! Looks happy and is currently exploring his new tank :)

Attachment 289833

note: sorry for the bad quality (no camera at the moment) and any plant recommendations? This is my first time with live plants and so far I have java moss on the gargoyle and some sort of plant hanging out.

nirbhao 10-07-2016 11:10 PM

Water change day! I added some substrate in my big tank. Checked water parameters and general hardness was 18 and 25 degrees! Water from the tap is usually between 9 and 12, but I didn't test immediately before the change so I don't know what it was. So water change number two of the day for both tanks.

I'm very much enjoying the new rabbit snails. They are really wonderful.

I'm starting to wonder about the quality of life for our belly slider fry. I'm open to insights on her.

I'm also trying to find a good record keeping app, because the one I started with, Aquarium Manager, won't let me move my critters or rearrange photos. I posted in an off topic thread asking about that.

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nirbhao 10-07-2016 11:11 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Ahhh! I forgot the image!

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nirbhao 10-08-2016 11:54 AM

The guppies have been enjoying the algae sheets, and so I tore some up for them. My dog, an Airedale, got curious, so Iof offered him a small section. The tactic has previously been successful to let him sniff whatever he's interested in and he'll realize it's not all that great. Nope. He loved it. He ate the section and wanted more.

the tiny computer is full of delicion!

TMaier 10-08-2016 03:15 PM

PWC on the 8g Biorb. Put a siphon on it and walked away for 30 seconds. Stopped the siphon and went to water the plants. Low and behold, Red my beta was in the bucket. 6ft long siphon hose/beta water slide.

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Autumnsky 10-08-2016 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by TMaier (Post 3382042)
PWC on the 8g Biorb. Put a siphon on it and walked away for 30 seconds. Stopped the siphon and went to water the plants. Low and behold, Red my beta was in the bucket. 6ft long siphon hose/beta water slide.

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Terrifying and funny at the same time!

Well this will be a light feed day. Moving the 2 baby F Guppy fry to the TT and as I think they would grow more naturally being able to roam around the tank eating microscopic foods stuff from the plants and the glass. Did add a couple young Wisteria plants to their breeder net but since they are still the size of a meal for the Nano tank they should be safe with the little Chilis. Will move them over when they aren't food size to the nano tank.

Noticed that the Chilis are getting old enough to show some color now:dance:
And still couldn't find the lone WCMM - a very good hider. Didn't have enough time to remove clouds of Subwassertang and moss to discover the secret hiding place.

Did pwc on the TT tank of 1.5G since I was digging around in there looking for the WCMM.

Added evap water to the 46G QT and the SW nano.

Added some mineral salt to the 72G. About 1/8 tsp per G for now.

Need to start deciding which fish will move over from the 72G to the 46Gin a couple weeks. & Off to work.

KingKoopa512 10-08-2016 10:48 PM

Did a water change today. Dwarf baby tears is doing awesome an hydro sp. Japan is growing like crazy

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