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flchamp89 02-05-2017 08:42 PM

60 percent wc. Rinse media. H2o2 spot treating. Trim java moss. Pitch some s.minima.

enksr71 02-05-2017 09:52 PM

Bought new nets

enksr71 02-05-2017 09:56 PM

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Attachment 294472 bought fish nets

AnimalKrazed 02-05-2017 10:54 PM

I went out with my Birthday $$ and got myself a 5.5 gallon aquarium with Light/Hood included. Cost me about 30 bucks, so I didn't even spend all of the Birthday cash. Used some of the leftover money to buy myself $5 of Mopani wood, and a thermometer. Have it all set up in my dorm room at the moment. and I like the way I have the inside of the tank set up. I'll take a picture either tomorrow or Tuesday and show you all later. I'm waiting to get the heater till I can figure out if the heater I have for my 1 gallon will work for the 5 gallon or not. Already own a Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter that I haven't set up yet. The Bio Bag that came with it is already in the water, on the Mopani wood.

Apparently the gravel I had left over from Buck's 1 gallon home was just barely enough to cover the glass bottom. I'm thinking of heading over to a PetSmart to grab a bag of National Geographic sand or something akin to that later this week to help build up the bottom of the aquarium.

I'm on a university budget so I am sticking to 'dirt' cheap stuff, unfortunately. I really like the look of some of the available fertile sands, but they cost quite a bit ($20 for a bag). :( If it wasn't mid-Winter where I am, I would probably cheat and just grab several pans of mud from the river that runs through the back of the campus...stupid ice and stupid permafrost ruin my plans before they can start.

Oh I forgot to mention that the river in the back of the campus has salmon that go through every fall. That, I can honestly say was the best surprise I had while in school, since I found it mid salmon run (found out on my own...apparently my brother discovered it a year before I did and never thought to tell me :mad:).

Betta keeper 02-06-2017 12:18 AM

Pool filter sand is cheap, and is not as apt to make your water murky as some brands. I buy mine for 11dollars at the hardware store for a 20lb bag. Two of those gave my 38gallon a good bed

Autumnsky 02-06-2017 05:15 AM

90% decided to take the "spare" junk storage room and make it into a Autumsky room. Office /fish den. It is right next to the utility room which has a drain and water pipes. :)

Haven't really wrapped my head around that just yest except that I need to move misc boxes out, and remove yucky carpet and put in sheet vinyl so I have an easy care covering, maybe stain the concrete though. Then just a few matching heavy duty office credenzas and desk. After next week will think more about that. Will make a new build thread whenever that actually hits.

There will be a surprise fish delivery in about 1.5-2 weeks! Surprise for you, I of course know! :brows:

TMaier 02-06-2017 09:37 AM

What Did You do With Your Tank Today?
Sounds like heaven.

lanasfishies96 02-06-2017 09:38 AM

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I did a complete waterchange due to very cloudy water and fin rot Attachment 294490

Autumnsky 02-07-2017 06:48 PM

Going to get to some tank maintenance today yesterday something came up and blew the fish tank cleaning day idea.

Ran some stocking options on aqadvisor, they seem to be conservatively set for stocking.

With some new tankmates coming soon, I need to move things around a little bit.

Thinking then of keeping the 46G bowfront and making it a cooler water tank and the 72G a warmer water tank.

So after the next QT time period changes will be...

46G / 75F will have WCMM, Green Lantern Platy, male Odessa Barbs, the 1 Opaline Gourami and big Spotted Raphael Catfish. 4 Super Red BN baby Plecos are about 3 inches now and starting to fill out. Almost full tank.

Have been wanting to do this for awhile but thought I didn't have space to keep the extra tank. With the office /fish tank room it will be perfect. If & when I find my really big bowfront, will upgrade the cool water fish to the 72G, and can get Discus if I get a 125-210G DT tank :) Life goal!

flchamp89 02-07-2017 07:25 PM

On vacation this week so extra time to mess around. Finally beat what I thought was gha. I believe now it was clado. Wc last two day in row. Pushing tds down.

guppygourami 02-07-2017 10:57 PM

Not my own tank but my friend got a 25G tank, heater, stand, gravel and DW for $10! So jealous (^O^)

Autumnsky 02-08-2017 04:29 AM

Did pwc on the SW nano, cleaned out the prefilter, flow was reduced, then much better.

Pwc on the macroalgae tank.

Did some searching for the baby Rock Flower Anemone, by removing the giant glob of Chaetomorpha didn't see the baby RFA. BUT I did find at least 6 Dwarf Brittle Starfish, I used to have only 2. I think this means they are multiplying.

6 arms

3 arms, looks like 2 arms are missing.

Started soaking the Cholla wood. It is pretty much floating.

Searched out some DW options for three tanks I wanted to update/rescape soon.

Vac'd up a bunch of mulm from the bare bottom 46G. Snails are big poopers too. Lots of snail poop in there.

Took out 10 gallons water - added back almost 15G, had evaporated down.

Checked my Bucephlandra baby on a stone in the breeder net it had somehow filpped upside down and I turned it back up yesterday. It is so tiny, millimeters type small about 10-12 leaves on 2 parts growing on the rock, the middle section died I guess from being up side down ugh :( All those leaves mentioned and 2 pieces together would likely fit on the cottony end side view of a cotton swab...that tiny of leaves. I had to use a magnifying glass. To see leaves. wow!

What else I found in the bottom of the 46G DW and Plants were babies!!! Not surprising as they are live bearers, must be some male yongsters grew up, because I divided F & M when I got them, but there were maybe ~8 babies.

Alan79 02-08-2017 07:36 AM

I went and caught some wild shrimp on the weekend with bait traps. I tried in two rivers and found 2 wildly different types. The first lot just looked like glass shrimp. The second pair were a rather cool because they had long skinny claws at the front end. Unfortunately they all died. I'll get more but this time I'll bring home a couple of buckets of creek water and do a really slow acclimation into tap water. I also found some aquatic plants I'd never seen before. They're still doing ok.

Aside from that I've only done water changes and placing rocks on my C. Undulata leaves to stimulate new plants to grow.

Betta keeper 02-08-2017 08:54 AM

My dad had a starfish that ate its own legs from stress....I think it recovered though

TMaier 02-08-2017 09:05 AM

I had no idea Buce came that small!

Autumnsky 02-10-2017 02:36 AM


Originally Posted by TMaier (Post 3411726)
I had no idea Buce came that small!

LOL, I guess I never thought about how some were small, I thought they were all really small, (maybe not that small, haha) and was surprised after searching the gazillion varieties pictured and sold by some sellers.

There should be another tiny bit of Buce plant in the tank - different variety, again, a very small leaved plant, but so small I can't even guess which clump of moss over took it. I imagine it will be found if I am really careful when searching. The other 2 were one, longer pointier brownish purple leaves, and a greenish, if I remember. Maybe I took a pic of the mini micro plants after I bought them, will look around. Only the one plant was on a stone. The other 2 loose.

I am at the point I need to get a better pwc system worked out. Soon! I want to get the process easier and faster. (doesn't everyone :lol: )

Autumnsky 02-11-2017 01:57 PM

Lost out on the DW I was trying to get on an auction. First one lost was perfect for what I wanted second one was just a really great shape. Possible chance for one more I'm tracking.

Still haven't heard back from my ? over a week about my Amazonia soil, I emailed one more time asking for a replacement. If that does not get a response in a few days, will get ahold of Amazon and complain.

Shrimp in the bowl are doing great, coloring up more too.

Saw the most awesome containers at Ross some were little counter top glass cubes of differing heights and sizes with bamboo edges to hold them (maybe for little moss or plants) And a giant glass ball with a opening at the top edge like it was slanted 40 degrees, so offset not on the top, but maybe 3 gallons otherwise. Almost bought but didn't now wondering if I should have, lol. If the hole was on top it would have been mine, used to have one like that but over the years, it finally got a crack. This one was designed for a terrarium container.

Still deciding if I should go to the Cichlid Auction next weekend.

Really excited that the 2017 Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention will be in Denver this year, April 28-30. PM me if you are going to be there.

Working on the idea of the auto water change system in my 72G in my head. I think I have a idea for a better pwc. I need some fittings and quick connectors for the out flow.

Water would be ble to be emptied and the canister flushed quickly. Then a 55G Trash can on rollers with water in it treated to refill. At some point I may be able to add a connector in the utility room with a faucet. There is not a faucet for the Python to attach, but also looking at changing a bathroom sink out and adding a kitchen style faucet. Maybe in a couple months.

Betta keeper 02-11-2017 10:02 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Potted a suffering sword in a vase, to bring it closer to the light.....then had to rearrange the whole tank to accommodate the new decoration lol

50% w/c on both tanks

Noticed the pleco is growing back his fin, which was injured when he decided that the motor of my aqueon quiet flow made the perfect cave

Trying to decide what to do about the baby sword with nearly no root.....can't keep it from floating back upAttachment 294761

Autumnsky 02-12-2017 04:41 AM


Originally Posted by sassymomma (Post 3412845)
Potted a suffering sword in a vase, to bring it closer to the light.....then had to rearrange the whole tank to accommodate the new decoration lol

50% w/c on both tanks

Noticed the pleco is growing back his fin, which was injured when he decided that the motor of my aqueon quiet flow made the perfect cave

Trying to decide what to do about the baby sword with nearly no root.....can't keep it from floating back upAttachment 294761

Tie a little stone to it, or some string around stone tie around the top. heck if it want to go up tie it over a twig of DW and let it grow with roots near the substrate. I used Crypts on DW and they are growing well attached, not a plant usual to attaching to DW.

Spent a bunch of time looking at DW added an offer for a piece I really wanted, waiting to hear back from the seller.

Looked at a bunch of ideas in Aquascaping, saw that I can pay a bunch of money at the Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention and learn how to nanoscape for $90. class fee, and also how to do Wabi Kusa and get an awesome aquarium to boot, $100 value for $50 class fee.

Also spent a bunch of time thinking about creating a paludarium. Looking at Kokedama and terrariums. So many options. Will probably just be thinking about this for a year or so.

Also was looking at new metal stands for tanks and previously looking at items which could be repurposed into 2 matching stands. Harder to do though when you need 2 of them to be the same. (For a low to moderate amount of $.)

As I start adding up all the interesting things I might like to do, it will more likely at this point end up being what needs to get done first.

Telesman 02-12-2017 12:31 PM

Added 4 Dwarf Pencil fish to my 46l Fluval Edge as was down to 2 Ember Tetras and 2 Amano Shrimp, after not replacing anything for a year or so(was not sure what to go for). Was going to get more Embers but saw the Dwarf Pencil fish in the LFS and had to have them! The Manager said that they don't get them in often and sell very fast. I checked on the water parameters they need and seemed to match,it being very close to Tetras. I read that they like floating plants and thought that may be a problem in a Fluval Edge but they seem to like staying under the Algae Magnet if I place it on the top, so that seems to do the job! They look great in the tank:) and would like to get a few more if they continue to do well and are available.

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