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Fishlegend 05-11-2020 10:40 PM

Rip phoenix

1midniterider 05-13-2020 06:15 PM

RIP Phoenix...

Today I was planning on doing a 50% pwc on the 10G, but it turned into a 90%. I was pumping water into 10G from a 5G bucket. Turned the pump off to help bring in groceries. Yup, you guessed it, the flow reverse and siphoned water from the 10G... After cleaning up... Filled the 10G and spiked to 1ppm ammonia.

I was looking around the 125G and saw something sticking out from beneath the sand substrate. It turned out to be the tail of Black Mollie, all it was buried beneath the sand, except the tail. May it rest in peace.

1midniterider 05-14-2020 07:53 PM

Today I added a mini reactor I created using Seachem Purigen as the filter media to the 10G. It is basically a poc for the larger tank. Since ammonia was down to 0.25ppm, nitrites 0 and nitrates <5ppm, I added a few fish from the fry pen.

Autumnsky 05-17-2020 02:43 AM

Thank you for the condolences, my little grandson told me we we have some other pretty fish, and he showed me some of my fish that are pretty too (especially Congo Tetra). :bawl:

Yesterday he told me he wanted to eat his strawberries next to the (72G tank) so he could watch the fish :thumb: And he liked the x-ray fish cause you can his bones (Glass Cats)

So we counted each type of the bottom fish we could see and the x-ray fish.

5 x-ray fish (maybe 6)

at least 5 Yoyo Loaches

4 Clown Loaches

1 Rainbow "Shark" (I didn't know you had a shark grandma!)


Some Cories - 2 Albino and appx. 6 Bronze Corydoras aeneus

So many male Guppies & Endlers

Appx 20 Neons. Green and Reg.

So need to do 2 water changes and move some fish between the 80G and 72G

2 pwc's, PRL and Panda Endlers

cleaned a bunch of prefilter sponges in a number of tanks

filled evap waters all around

Captured /moved over 15 young males from the Guppies and Endlers tanks. There was one which was resistant to my netting powers. :/ Maybe tomorrow.

Too many (Guppy Endlers) fish!

Maybe get the FX5 80G filter f\rinsed too.

It is a strange tank situation with the overflow and All in one marine tank style setup in the back and the way the FX5 filter is set up.

JeanetteNash 05-21-2020 10:29 AM

It's so original, it seems this was missing many interesting projects in photography.

Autumnsky 05-21-2020 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by JeanetteNash (Post 3543544)
It's so original, it seems this was missing many interesting projects in photography.

What is so original? Such a strange posting in "What did you do with your tank today?"

Do you have a photo of your aquarium Jeanette? Which fish is your favorite?

Autumnsky 05-23-2020 12:17 AM

Cleaned a few tanks and scooped out algae 30G and the PRL tank and scooped out male Endlers /Guppies from the appx 7-8 from 80G and 30G.

My laptop has suffered a devastating crack in the case and needs a repair. And my cell phone screen has a crack which looks to be repairable but is wobbling the screen so I can not use the keypad, lol. Will see how quickly it can be fixed. Not a convenient couple days. Might be able to still read everything. ttyl! Hope everyone and tanks stays well.

Fishlegend 05-23-2020 10:32 AM

Yesterday it rained so hard we had a pond in our drive way and I took my painted turtle out and let her play in it for a litttle bit

1midniterider 05-23-2020 12:15 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Today I worked on the 10G tank. Performed a 50% pwc and cleaned the screens for dyi reactor. The reactor now has full flow once again. The water is still a little cloudy, but all parameters are in spec. Added more gravel substrate, total depth is approximately 1.5 inches.

I still need to get a light for the 10G. Also, considering replacing the dual-sponge sponge filter with a single sponge filter.

Attachment 316759

1midniterider 05-28-2020 12:23 PM

This morning one of the Albino Cories suddenly died and a Blue Glofish Tetra also died. The later developed pop-eye two days ago...

Cleared the intake screen on the 10G reactor. I need a better method to ensure the biomedia stays in place. It is keeping the water specs in spec...

DIY_Dad 05-29-2020 09:45 PM

I ran chemistry on the 75gal today. Vacuumed up detritus, and did a 20% water change to see if I can slowly lower the GH...everyone looks active and healthy!

Autumnsky 05-29-2020 11:37 PM

Just got my phone screen fixed but the laptop is cracked.

Been doing pwc's.

Emptied the 5G Spec V of fish. Just a few snails left. Didn't have enough time to grab them out. Also left in case there are any babies which could have been missed.

Moved the Panda mommas to the 80G and the babies and 7 Pygmy Cories to the 30G.

Have one fish going to get a new home in the future, a young Spotted Rafael Catfish. A super cutie but will eventually get too big.

Autumnsky 05-29-2020 11:49 PM

Oh forgot to mention I got 2 Pleasing Fungus Beetles Blue w/ black spots, they have about 40-50 larva in the Oyster Mushrooms. Need to keep feeding them, they are getting fat! Expensive fresh food for them, lol, didn't think I was going to need to feed 40+

Collected about 8 teensy tiny Millipedes. They are living in a cup until I decide which Jar will be best. Will post a couple pics asap.

Might set up separate Beetle home with so many babies, not sure how they will survive winter though I think the pupa (think the right term) stage.


TMaier 05-30-2020 09:46 AM

Autumnsky I think my husband would draw the line at raising beetles and rlly polys in the house. He barely tolerates the worm cultures. Lol

Autumnsky 05-30-2020 04:06 PM

Well other than casual mentioning, i didn't exactly discuss it. Did mention buying mushrooms for my Beetles and didn't get any questions. I had to get my own mini fridge because of wanting to keep frozen fish food. I told him just don't eat it, lol.

Maybe won't keep them all too long. But raising pretty blue beetles but interesting imho. I never kept this stuff as a kid.

It is a very fun activity to hunt around the yard for curious creatures. We have found snakes (nice ones) a turtle and various eggs/ baby birds in the trees. Swallowtail butterflies / and grow the plants for the Caterpillars.

Did my cardio today with buckets of water going back to refill the tanks. Emptied with the spouts on the FX-5 on 72G and 80G. Cleaned prefilters and polishing pads.

2G on the wine glass
50% on the 80G
70% on the 72G
Vac'd the 30G and completed 25G pwc due to vacing and refilling before the water level got to the intake.

In a minute doing a 2G on the 12G Edge.

And maybe a 10G on the SW.

Did the PRL shrimp tank a gallon yesterday.

So sparkling clean looking now.

Wiped off most of the glass. Whew!

Sweating up a storm!

Autumnsky 05-30-2020 09:57 PM

Also got the 72G AC 110 filter cleaned out down to the impeller. Added the new stainless steel prefilter from Junglefowl
With a quick twist it was a perfect fit!

earhtmother 05-31-2020 12:19 AM

I'm curious to see how you like that prefilter. I use filter sponges cut down to size on my AC intakes in the shrimp tank. They are a PITA to clean but I am not sure if I would find the silver metal aesthetically pleasing.

Autumnsky 05-31-2020 02:30 PM

We'll see, when I tried to put it on the intake before, it was inside the tank under water and it fell off because I couldn't get my hand at a good angle. I feel like it will clog more quickly, but even buying brand name Fluval Edge prefilter sponges they start collapsing after a number of months. A friend gave me some generic ebay ones and they were not strong at all. Collapsed into the intake suction after a month or so. Will report as to usefulness vs. Edge.

Looking into a couple types of fish options for the 80G as well as the possibility of creating a stand for the Cypress knees to sit at the top of the waterline. It takes up quite a lot of space. Kinda started wondering about it yesterday while watching the fish. The fish are OB Peacocks, maybe 1-3 males, but they might get too big. Probably need a 150G now, lol. I saw one for sale also yesterday... almost kidding about it ;)

Autumnsky 05-31-2020 04:06 PM

Oh my goodness, what is bad having a heavily planted tank with spiky DW and lots of rocks and hiding places?

Catching 4 Clown Loaches and 11 Congo Tetras, and oopsy, one Yoyo Loach :eek:

Had to remove all the Anubias covered DW and use 2 nets!

Scooped out a huge number of Endlers just in case they are food for the Congos in the 80G.

It is amazing how fish can hide so well!

I am clipping a part out of the screen cover to fit on the top to help prevent jumpers. In the 80G.

Autumnsky 06-01-2020 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by earhtmother (Post 3544173)
I'm curious to see how you like that prefilter. I use filter sponges cut down to size on my AC intakes in the shrimp tank. They are a PITA to clean but I am not sure if I would find the silver metal aesthetically pleasing.

Ha, day after report, was full of DW particles from the rasping BN breeding group. Found it near covered. On a positive note, it looks like suction through it seems strong. I wiped it off and left it to grab up more debris! This is good really as the sponge didn't hold on to the particles. Also I will just need to suck up a bunch with the bigger tubing.

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