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Autumnsky 06-06-2020 08:47 PM

Went to the petstore... for fish food and to check on if they had Clown Loaches and although they said they didn't the day before, they had 3, and it was buy 3 get one free, so I asked if I could get a free one when they got back in stock and I got a rain check for a free one! They are so little.

They ordered 4 more Clown Loaches plus the free one, so really 5, and also 4 Vampire shrimp.

Also got sucked to buying a really pretty.

Betta pics in the future -

He is a pale yellow halfmoon with iridescent greenish blue at the ends of the tail. Just call me a sucker, lol. He has a black eyes and tip of his nose mouth. Adorable and beautiful.

Going in the wine glass. Did a 2G pwc. Added evap water.

Moved out a few more young males to the 72G. Couldn't catch 2 of them.

Started learning more about auto top off units. For the 80G.

TMaier 06-07-2020 11:17 AM

Can’t wait to see your new boy Autumnsky.

1midniterider 06-10-2020 10:34 AM

Vacuumed substrate in 10G after accidentally dumping Purigen inside... Modified dyi reactor with a piece of tubing placed on internal intake that runs the width of the container and stuffed a piece of sponge into far end. Hopefully this will provide more time between intake screen cleaning.

Earlier this week performed 50% pwc on both 10G and 125G tanks. Chemistry parameters are in spec.

1midniterider 06-13-2020 07:07 PM

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The Trumpet Snails I ordered finally arrived today. Hopefully they survived the trip. Well at least one did.

Attachment 317035

Autumnsky 06-13-2020 07:28 PM

Reordered my white 12 Edge tank a few days ago when I noticed it was in stock while looking at foods - they hadn't sent me a back in stock notice. Maybe arriving Monday according to the tracking info. Got a bottle of Prime, some Jade stone/pebbles and Guppy food for the fishy garbage disposals.

Having some issues with water flow/ circulation in the 80G. Might remove all the Hornwort.

Also might move male guppies Endlers to the 30G Waterbox and move all the Guppy/Endle girls into the 72G because of there being so many in the 30G.

A lot of work but more logical duebto space being over double. And there are probably 500 fish, huge number of babies in the 2 tanks. Maybe Do that Tuesday or Wednesday as schedule is packed till then.

Larougeraven 06-13-2020 07:51 PM

Stared at it and took some photos. XD I cleaned my tank yesterday so the weekend is usually just for admiring my babies.

fishingBuds 06-14-2020 06:06 AM

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Hygrolhila propagation, roots are strongly attached already today, but weird formation probably a result of my trimming skills lolAttachment 317037

Autumnsky 06-16-2020 03:24 PM

Night before last found the Hornwort mass in the 12G black Edge was melting. Had the huge interest of more than half (prob 2/3+) of the Golden Bee shrimp.

Only causing me terror of crashing the stable parameters of the tank and possibly losing shrimp.
So I removed half of the floating Hornwortand did several rounds of vac'ing out the pieces. Removedbthe prefilter sponge and let the filter suck up a bunch of gunk for appx half hour.

Found 8 total Pencilfish, so a tiny bit of breeding going on in the weeds.

I saved all the plants to make sure I get any shrimp babies and snails and maybe baby fish...

New white 12G Edge tank arrived last night and a quick peek seems to be that the tank is not broken. The box was damaged in 2 places bottom edfe amd top squished a little bit. Due to little kids around I will meed to wait til a bit later to unpack it all and check for sure. Will check back in later about how it goes. Also the baby Clown Loaches and Vampire shrimp might arrive Thursday. Maybe a few Bamboo shrimp ;)

emeraldking 06-18-2020 05:34 PM

Had a number of water changes today. Moved a number of fish outdoors and some to other tanks indoors. Certain species just needed more space. IŽve also cleaned a number of tanks. IŽve let the algae grow a bit too much. Tomorrow IŽll move all the fancy swordtail offspring to a bigger tank. And then IŽll be done...

Autumnsky 06-18-2020 08:28 PM

Sounds like a full fish day of activities!

Today I got a text my fish had arrived but only 3 of 5 Clown Loaches. And the Vampire shrimp may come next week as they didn't arrive today, neither did the Bamboo shrimp for that matter.

Since the news guys arrived I got the last 3 moved to the 80G and they are actively searching around the front of the tank and hanging out together. They are smaller than a momma Guppy. Though maybe 1/3 larger than when I got them a couple weeks ago. The 3 new ones are not as small as the previous 3 when I brought them home, but still smaller than the original 3 tiny ones. Lol.

My bigger Clown Loaches hide in the back mostly, and come out later at night to check out the last feeding.

All the tanks are looking clear. Still too many Endlers and Guppies. Maybe be able to shift the males ans females yet, this weekend. Been too busy with work and home projects to have spare time.

Too much Hornwort every week as well. 30G is 85% plants in the water space. Only 2 corners back and where I feed them.

Bought new foods and phosphate reducing media to help with the algae. Also been running the lights less hours overall. Seen a very slight reduction of hair algae.

Bought a bag of Fluval plant stratum for the new 12G Edge. Still considering a couple other options, but since I saw it and could get a price match 17.99 vs 25.99 I grabbed it.

Dumped out my original Amazonia Light in the flower bed because of possible contamination from being outside near possible chemical drift or other. The top got bumped off of the container it was in.

Can't take chances with plants inverts or fish. Bummer as it was expensive.

emeraldking 06-19-2020 08:54 AM

Well, you've got some activities coming ahead as well...

fishingBuds 06-19-2020 11:50 AM

With a new white/blue LED light for 36 hours, this happened:
1.all ludwigia growth rate increased (a little higher than 1 inch)
2. Amazon sword with 2 new big leaves outta nowhere more active and neon trying to mate and sparse sometimes (confortable with their surrounds)
4.a 10% algae growth but shrimps and snails are doing their work pretty good I have a better light source, meaning that I'm able to spot details better.
6.a relatively drop of snail population during day time (they like dark spots which I have)

Autumnsky 06-28-2020 03:19 AM

Pwc's and cleaning.
6.6G PRL Shrimp tank 1G
Moved 2 baby Clown Loaches from QT to 80G plus the 3 inch Spotted Raphael Cat.

Huge cleaning in SW 46G bowfront. Clean glass inside and out. Cleaned top and light, also the whole stand, decluttered it, made SW, added PhosGuard, cleaned plus added different polishing pads in the filters. Added calcium blend and micro nutrients.

12 G Edge. 2 G

Wine Glass got glass inside and out and appx 2.5G pwc. Cleaned up the lily plant. Picked out some loose leaves.

Did a big clean on the 80G. Glass in and out light, screen top. Added a polishing pad. Removed a half gsllon of Hornwort. Tried to move the weightoff of the Cypress knees DW, but it still floated. Er!

Replanted the Sword an Anubias.

Did 40G pwc of 80G. Just turned off the filter and got busy.

30G Waterbox. 20G vac'ing out - 10G adding 10G and removing another 10G water.

Removed appx 3G of Hornwort.
Cleaned the small HOB. Added 1 new polishing pad, and cleaned both filters polishing pads.

Night before removed about 30 young and very young males from the 30G. Put into 72G.

72g Cleaned out the FX-5.

Maybe have someone coming to take a bucket of Endlers and mixed Guppy Endlers tomorrow.
Going to be gone for nearly 2 weeks, and other family members will be feeding fish.

Will hopefully have enough time to plug in the timers, maybe learn how to program 4 lights (all similar) 0 abilities I fear for that.

Exhausted, lol.

Doubt it but hoping to do the other FX-5 80G clean, maybe the faster version.

Autumnsky 07-12-2020 08:01 PM

Well made it back alive. Looks like the fish are okay. Too much algae in the tanks.

Had several issues while I was gone. A filter on the 46G SW overflowed on the floor. Had family members saving the day. Then a couple days later sucking grinding noise got a call that the 80G was an issue. The left pump tube to outflow popped off. It has done it a couple times already. Plus evaporation caused the rear filter area to get dry because the water was too low to go into the rear overflow openings.
So it got the tube back on, more water, and more water added.

It is the same issue as before / reason I need an auto top off unit.

At late night return needed ro refill tanks for evap and cleaned out a little hair algae.

Oh, right before leaving on the trip a friend was able to come over and grab probably 200 or so Guppies / Endlers. That eased up probable stresses which would have been worse while I was away.

The Clown Loaches are doing well.

Autumnsky 07-17-2020 07:29 PM

New lfs opened up today.

Having a raffle and bought 25 chances for a wide variety of options, more than these, from new filter socks, Salt, Algae Barn collection of macro algaes and phyto and pods or a new nano SW tank and stand.

SW Got 10 Astraea snails and 2 Red Banded Trochus, and some awesome frags. One Mystery snail my little GS wanted.

Debating on 4 for 100 colorful Rock Flower Anemones. I haven't been able to get these things except $15.00 common non florescent colors occasionally. These bright colors range from usually $35. Somewhat a good (though yet expensive) deal. Been saving up for something fun. Left without them to think it over.... still thinking. :fish2:

Acclimated all the little guys and got them into the tanks. The snails are already eating algae, yay!

Autumnsky 07-17-2020 10:30 PM

Hahaha, went back to the lfs and bought Shrimp King Active soil for shrimp, $34.99 4L size.

I also think I might like to try a CaribSea Aquatics Floraspore Mychorrizal Symbionts with RhyzoMat by CaribSea /coco mat in the substrate. Checking into it more. The Mychorrizal fungi colonize plant roots and cause them to create a zillion additional roots instead of a few.

New build for the 12G coming soon.

Brevipes Ludwigia is a bunch of plants I picked up too. Will try them out.

Autumnsky 07-21-2020 02:35 AM

Tough Day
Got a nasty surprise today. But more on that in a minute.

New actually lfs opened Friday. I bought some raffle tickets and actually won a bottle of Phyto for the SW tank.

USPS misdirected my new nano shrimp light which was supposed to arrive last Friday. So still waiting on that.

Needed to move the 30G Waterbox tank over about 5 inches to allow the stereo surround speakers to do a proper job. Which prompted all water changes except SW, and the store for SW was closed or would have done that one too and picked up my Phyto and bout some new pods.

Spent 45 min on picking algae out of the SW tank instead. Will give the new snails an actual chance to help get rid of it.

Did pws's

7G on the 30G Waterbox
.5G the PRL shrimp 6.6G Cube
Added water to the planted bowls
1 1/3 G water change on the 12G Edge.
1.5 G on the Wine Glass

30G on the 72G

And now the nasty surprise...
Was looking at the (FW) fish in the 80G IM Lagoon tank.

Saw an odd sparkly speckled fish I didn't at first recognize. The light wasn't on yet. Cutting back due to hair algae.

For a split second I wondered if the Endlers mixed with Guppies had made a new kind of coloring / pattern.

Upon further inspection, it wasn't sparkly at all - It was covered in Ich.:banghead:

This was a very nasty, awful, terrible, crushing realization.

Wouldn't be a huge crushing blow except for the 6 Clown Loaches and one Yoyo Loach.

After strategizing about the problem and looking further found no other fish with Ich spots. But a couple with a bit of a light shadow circle on their body. That is also bad.

Did a ~70G rolling water change. Water out through the bottom FX-5 canister filter (filter off) using suction force inside to get rid of water while I wait until the water is 2 inches low and dump in 5G bucket, 15 of them. Got my work out for sure today...

To capture the Ich covered Endler, I tried to catch with the big Cypress knees in there but no way, took it out and and 3 other DW pieces and all the Hornwort, plus the momma Amazon Sword and the 6 off shoot big babies, and could actually see in there finally.

Tonight the big Clown Loach and the med ones came out of their hidey hole cave and are sometimes swimming around. Honestly I have no idea at all how they all squeeze in there.

I did move a little sand out of the way to allow them better access. But there are 3-4" and 6-8" stones under the top layer next to the really big river stones and DW which make up the Clown cave.

As of this evening there are no additional Ich spots on any other fish that I can see. The other fish looked happy and grateful to be swimming around.

Added a cup-ish of Epsom Salt to help the fish if possible. Tomorrow will try and clean out the FX-5 underneath.

Oh and yesterday got screws with larger type heads (can use my had to remove and tighten now) to allow the cabinet /stand door on and off more conveniently to remove the FX-5 from the center compartment, as the filter can't fit out the space with the door on.

I plan to vac tomorrow the sand in hopes that maybe I will not get all the fish suffering illness.

Treated the Ich speckled Guppy with salt bath and it looked like no spots on her after. She is in a QT container. It caused a bunch of extra stress capturing her in the 80G and, later dipping her. If she makes it through the night, will do another dip and see how the other fish are doing. I expect to see Ich spots on the fish tomorrow.

I am sure the TDS were way high and lack of water change when I got back from the trip. A male was chasing her all over, maybe tipping her over the edge. Pwc was planned to get done but I feel terrible :facepalm:

Autumnsky 07-24-2020 02:55 PM

My 80G looks clear of Ich so far. Fingers still crossed. The female Endler which was covered with Ich was clear the next day but had something maybe yesterday, so I added salt to her container in all her water. She still looked stressed, but was alive.

I feel too scared to add her back into the 80G and think I might add her to the 5G spec V which is just running with snails right now. I might catch the other 2 Guppies and medicate them all today after removing all the snails I can scoop out.

My 2 liter of Prime arrived to day and good thing as I used nearly the rest of it yesterday.

Was able to grab 15G prepared SW fro the new lfs and a 5G of RO. I didn't see the other 3 5G containers, So I need to look for them as well. Though since the lfs is so close, it isn't as big of deal.

While I was there picked up my free / won raffle Phyto for the SW tank. they were out of the SW pods I was wanting to repopulate the tank, but are getting a new Algae Barn display fridge stocked up, this week (probably). So I will go back and grab a container of them then.

I was shocked at how expensive they are. $30 for 6000 pods, or 5000 different kinds!!! Too bad I didn't win those instead ;) For tiny critters you can barely or not even see! It has been a pretty long time since I have bought any, and they were $20. anyway.

Spent some time looking for a used SW tank ~35-45G but in a more narrow width, and probably low iron / and or rimless.

My SW Coral banded shrimp molted, she's getting so big now.

Also was wondering about getting a batch of Fire or Sakura red Cherry shrimp to go in with the Golden Bees. The couple I have are looking great, so it seems the water parameters will be fine. Someone in my town is selling some so I might go with a handful of them, but also might add them to my order if I get some other new shrimp.

Doing more pwc today of course.

I sure see my fish more without the [awesome] Cypress knees DW taking up 1/2 of the tank in the 80G.

Thinking I might use an acrylic rod or 3 to elevate the big DW at the top of the tank water level. Coming up with this creative option is easy for me but actually making something to stand like that above the tank is out of my normal abilities range. Time to stretch!

spartin718 07-25-2020 09:41 AM

New light
3 Attachment(s)
I received my new light from amazon today. I'm so excited. I have a fluval spec 16 gallon and it came with a plastic hood and a nice light but I do not like the look of cheap black plastic with this very nice tank so I am in the process of modifying oit. This is the light I bought.

I am also putting together an aluminum mesh top that I also found on Amazon.

Autumnsky 07-25-2020 12:47 PM

That looks like it should be a good light. And I have that screen on my IM tank and it's solid.

Does it have the acrylic clips which hold it on the side of the tank. You need at least a set of 4, measure / look up the mm of the glass to order correct size. As this fits inside of the open top, rimless tank.

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