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Autumnsky 08-20-2020 03:43 PM

Oh also dug out a big piece of acrylic sheet 46: wide in hopes it will fit in the top of the 80G rimless Innovative Marine tank. I got the sheet for about 3 or $5.00 from restore, and you just never know when you will need something like that, lol! or be able to find where you stuffed it a couple years ago, lol. Cleaning in the garage is rewarding!

alleriarose 08-20-2020 05:03 PM

i added another big cave for my breeding pair of sailfin plecos..... they love it

Autumnsky 08-21-2020 03:52 AM


Just got done separating ~ 150 Male Guppies and Endlers! From the 72G and moving appx. 125 from the 30G!

Male fancy Guppies and Endlers with El Tigre Endlers in one container, females that snuck in with the male fry I scooped out of the grow-out tank, and appx. 20 "chosen" males I wanted to keep.

The rest of the males appx. 80+ fancy males showing good color, are in the bucket to go to the lfs, 15-18 El Tigre in a side net in the bucket so everyone stays warm and well aerated.

Maybe 25 females, in their own bucket.

Will likely scoop out another 25 from the now grow out 72G, to round out the numbers. I can always take them more. Not planning on getting to the hundreds I have had before again.

Plan to remove nearly all the females, just didn't have time to look them over tonight.

But think I will like to find a single type (maybe Endlers) to breed, and sell to the lfs.

Hopefully they will be popular enough to even consider that! I am going to tell them that I would like $1. each adult in credit and see how that flies. Even for RO water and misc stuff and also based upon how well they sell. They have pretty awesome patterns! He mentioned putting the males in the display tank and the females in the plant tank. I suggested he could have his own continuing supply that way.

Growout 30G Waterbox - all went to the 72G bowfront

A few pretty males,

probably ~125 mommas, small, medium and large fry plus some 1 & 2 day old teensy babies. They were from the Panda line because they shimmer blue even so very tiny.

At the end, took an hour to get the last 20 regular sizes and half hour combing through the moss and plants. I think there is still a female or 2 lurking around.

Did a 5G vac and pwc since I made a mess.

Moved the "chosen" males to the Wine Glass until I for sure decide which tank to move them to. (30G Waterbox or 80G which requires moving the Endlers.

Although I feel a little like this was a bit of a bad choice to breed the Guppies and Endlers to get some fun color combinations and patterns, it was cool to see the really amazing looking fish which came from the process.

I would have rather kept a couple interesting strains of the fish instead of ending up with them being all mixed up already.

It further solidifies some of my favorites. I will try to get some pics soon.

Also hoping the fish I get tomorrow will be nice and they should be the Orange and Red and yellow males from the closer located hobbyist.

Also hoping I get some good credit from all these pretty fish at the lfs. I am willing to wait and see how popular they are.

So tired! lol Fish keeping is fun but a lot of work when there are hundreds of fish.

Delapool 08-21-2020 04:12 AM

Wow - thatís busy!! They must like that tank.

Autumnsky 08-21-2020 06:11 PM

They LOVE their spacious new home!!!

Ended up taking - rough count

15 male El Tigre Endlers (3 were mixed)

25 + 30 Fancy Males, Cobra and Snakeskin mainly, Sword Japan Blue, Metal head some, mixed sorts all different types of tails!

Seems the females in the 30G Waterbox were sneakier than I thought, this morning about 12 were lazily swimming enjoying all the extra space.

I will need to pull out the 2 DW probably to get the rest of them out. Then moving the Endlers colony, that will be a huge pain to get those guys out.

The next piece of the puzzle is setting up the new 12G Edge tank. The tank was supposed to be for the PRL shrimp, but I have 4 PRL shrimp and a new tank needs to mature.

So I think I will set up the glass and filter and start the process at first no fish, to watch the ammonia from the new substrate, then when safe, with a Betta or something which would be easy to catch.

And the question is which things gets moved where, feel like I am in the home stretch now.

30G is supposed to be shrimp.

I am wondering which Neo(s) to get. Good quality Orange Sakura is at the top of the list. Not super easy to find them all the time when you want them (at a reasonable price).

Gonna start shrimp window shopping.

Also need to move the Golden Bees and sort out the grades, colors.

Autumnsky 08-22-2020 11:00 PM

Ordered my new PRL shrimp, SSS quality - 10+1, like the ones I already have and will be super excited to add them in!

Did 10G pwc on the 72G and another
5G on the 30G.
A 5G on the wine glass and a
5G on the 12G Edge.

Souma 08-23-2020 02:57 AM

25% water change.

TMaier 08-23-2020 08:31 AM

Checked on the driftwood out in a tub soaking and YES itís finally waterlogged. And OMG why is there a fry in there. Hell of a moment.

Biff and Fish 08-23-2020 02:59 PM

Have any idea what it might be?

Autumnsky 08-23-2020 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by TMaier (Post 3547955)
Checked on the driftwood out in a tub soaking and YES itís finally waterlogged. And OMG why is there a fry in there. Hell of a moment.

Woah, surprise!

I'm heading up to pick up my 30 Cardinal Tetras, and a XL Bolbitis! And maybe some Guppy fry!

TMaier 08-23-2020 11:41 PM

Maintenance day, moved stuff a bit. Cleaned out one of the canister too.

Autumnsky 08-24-2020 12:04 AM


Originally Posted by TMaier (Post 3547987)
Maintenance day, moved stuff a bit. Cleaned out one of the canister too.

Your tank always looks so nice!


Picked up 30+ Cardinal Tetras. They look great. One got stuck in the bottom of the bag and seemed a bit unwell, but was still moving around a little.

Got a lovely large Bolbitis.

The 30G Waterbox is not empty - still! There are 3 Guppies, and there are also at least 5 more Pygmy Cories! LOL, I may never get them all out! The saga continues. :popcorn:

Going to try a baby toothbrush and some CO2O, hydrogen peroxide to get the algae off of the Anubias leaves.

Trying to order a few more shrimp to go in the same box with my new PRL.

Autumnsky 08-27-2020 03:00 AM

Today while switching fish around I watched my Cories spawning!!! it looked like 2 Bronze and 5 of the 7 were all over the place back and forth! 72G

And the eggs are still there tonight!

and yup, that is some of that algae....

Just getting the extra Yoyo out of the 72G tank and the Rainbow shark as well to the 80G. Just in time for the eggs. It will be a surprise if they grow out, but how fun would that be?!!!!?

Moved more guppies out of the 30G still, maybe one left, and maybe some tiny fry.

And moved over all the Endlers I could catch. Males went to the male tank, the females are in a bucket now with a heater and a air pump.

This moving things meant yet again tearing all the DW and plants out of the 2 tanks (80 and 72G)! Everything looks like a big mess.

But there is progress.

Right now I am trying to decide if the 30 Cardinals should go into the 80G as they like the water a little bit warmer. I might just put a few male Guppies in as well as they have nice flashes of color in the black tank.

I am getting to the stocked up level in the 80G. Possibly will eventually rehome the Yoyo Loaches because of how many fish there already are, but I get a laugh out of watching them swim in every direction and their pattern is so attractive as well.

Tomorrow will do a clean on the 80G Innovative Marine FX-5.

Will try to see if I can fit in my 4x4x8 Marine Pure block. It is a bit too wide I think to fit between the water pumps. Might have to cut it or order a smaller one.

Arthur75 08-28-2020 11:44 AM

Scrape off the eggs with a razor blade. Don't leave it in. Are eaten. In separate water. Ventilated. If hatch, small worm food. Walther worms.

Autumnsky 08-29-2020 12:11 AM

Thank you Arthur.


It is a good day because I was able to get the PRL shrimp 3 days before the one week estimated date of arrival!

Unfortunately the USPS is dealing with lots of volume and inaccurate scanning and in many cases extended shipping times.

A big thank you to the quick service from the USPS.

There were 11 PRL shrimp as was advertised 10+1. They are very small. I ALSO ordered the 6 Taiwan Bee Shrimp as an add on to the order since they were shipping anyway.

They did not come in the PRL box... I emailed and quickly got a message, that they were going to be delivered in a separate box. There was only one autogenerated tracking number, and I am waiting for the other number so I can see how long it is taking and where the package is located (if I am lucky).

The data from the USPS tracking, said my package was at the East coast area headed toward it's destination. At 2AM this morning.

Then also this morning around just before 9:45am didn't have any new information, like it arriving to a new processing station either along the way or in Denver, which I always get a notification of.

But 10 minutes later notification arrived that the package was arriving between 12-4.

Anyway, was in the process of doing some water changes when I found out this morning there had been a water line break and the water department said please do not use extra water.

What this means to me that the water in the tap will have been extra treated for contaminates and could possibly kill off my inverts, and or fish.

Went to the lfs in the town which didn't have a water line break and got extra RO.

Completed the small water changes.

The lfs said they would take my extra plants and shrimp and female Endlers. So thinking of creating moss wood pieces to sell to them.

Today I got a really beautiful swooping swoosh looking DW, a smallerish one which should be able to fit well in the new Edge tank.

Bought another new substrate Brightwell Aquatics FlorinVolcanit Rio Escuro Black xF 15lb bag. New baby Brine shrimp food and some more Fluval Bug Bites for small fish.

They Guppies ate me out of house and home in the food department.

Very happy about the reduction in their numbers. Now need to decide what to do about the large population in the 72G in terms of rehoming.

Golden Bee shrimp were spawning today too!

Yipee! Hope to have some babies soon. Already a few are berried and although haven't seen the babies, will be hoping for them anytime.

Maybe need to move the Pencilfish! They might be gobbling them all up. Now I can move the Pencilfish though to the 72G with the bigger fish now in the 80G.

The plan is coming together. Taking me years, but it is happening!

The other thing is that I have realized I still really love nano fish, nano tanks and shrimp more. (more than the big tanks - sorry huge tank fish inhabitants). Hmmm.

Autumnsky 08-29-2020 12:18 AM

A Pure Red Line Shrimp acclimation pic

Arthur75 08-30-2020 02:09 AM

Have you ever had bee shrimp?
I do. but i wasn't lucky. There were fewer and fewer.
Maybe there are special water conditions.

Autumnsky 08-30-2020 02:19 AM

Yes, have been keeping them here for about 3 years total.

They have very special water parameter needs and temperature.

The PRL shrimp are line bred and have in some lines stabilized at slightly different home tank parameters / used to the owners tanks, rather than the more fussy breeders "perfect" tanks.

Bee shrimp are much easier to care for than they were 10-15 years ago. And so they are less expensive, more variations AND the older more established varieties are easier to breed and keep alive. YAY! But still not a beginner shrimp like the Cherry shrimp.


Pwc's on Wine glass, female Endlers bucket, added more water back into the Golden Bee tank (left out a gallon yesterday to keep the water difference a slower change).

PRL tank 50 ounce pwc.

The 6 new shrimp I ordered are even more highly bred making them even more sensitive so I will be more careful and use RO/DI water remineralized.

Arthur75 08-31-2020 01:53 AM

Thank You. Maybe I'll try again. The choice is huge.

Autumnsky 08-31-2020 02:37 AM


Originally Posted by Arthur75 (Post 3548430)
Thank You. Maybe I'll try again. The choice is huge.

That is a good selection!

One of my favorite Caridina shrimp is the Tangerine Tiger. They are not Bee shrimp. And I didn't notice them on your page linked above, but they are active, bright, colorful look like little orange crescents, and show up perfectly against green plants, moss and dark / black substrate.

The Orange Sakura is Neocaridina.

The easiest shrimp to keep is the type which have requirements closest to your own water supply.

Germany has some fantastic shrimp breeders! :thumb:

So no word yet on a tracking number for the 6 shrimp, I suspect they will be sent tomorrow as Monday is one of 2 shipping days. Hoping.

One of my saltwater snails laid eggs, this is a bit exciting, as usually I do not see them.

I watched my fish eat in several of the tanks. The Yoyo Loaches and Clown Loaches were so much fun to watch. I think I will try and get another few small ones to add to the group.

There is one medium + (growing along nicely) fit in the size of a ladies medium large hand (adopted)
and 2 small-med 4" (they came from the same purchase), and one probably an inch larger (adopted)
and the 2 tiny ones which are growing well, one is noticeably larger about 1/3 or a head more than it's little buddy - also got at the same time.

People are always trying to sell these 4 inch ones for $40.00+ so I am interested in adopting with a small rehoming fee. You can also see the shapes and distorted body features when they were kept in poor water conditions or in a small /crowded tank. It is sad.

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