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TangoTank 06-03-2012 12:16 PM

Fishless cycle--Ammonia zero, re-dosed, now what?
15 gallon column

Fish less - Cycle Day 28 (no seeded media)

PH 7.4 (dbl chked w/ High Range & regular pH tests)
Ammonia 4.0ppm
NitrIte 5.0ppm+
nitrAte 10ppm

HOB (Aqueon kit) w/ bio-sponge (non-seeded)
8" bubble wand
Not planted
API FW Master Test

I don't want to miss any steps, but I think I'm doing good now. At what point w/ the NitrAtes or NitrItes do I need to do a PWC? I have done 2 PWC b/c I have a minor algae bloom at the moment but had a bad 1 before I started my fish less cycle. I think the residual algae is my problem now not any other environmental factors.

librarygirl 06-03-2012 03:34 PM

Just wait really lol. How long have you had high nitrites and when was the last water change? If nitrites have been 5+ for over a week and you haven't done a water change in that time, you could do one or two complete water changes to try to get the nitrites to a readable level on the chart. If you've done a water change in the past week though I'd say wait it out a bit more. You're just waiting for nitrites to drop to 0; the nitrite phase is the longest so just hang in there.

TangoTank 06-03-2012 03:54 PM

Thks Librarygirl! This is the 1st day the NitrItes have been that high. I'm hoping since the first part of my cycle, the ammonia reaching zero the 1st time (w/ no seeded media), maybe this part of the cycle won't be so long! Ha ha... I'm always hearing this part takes 2x as long but I also feel like the only person w/out seeded media!! I'm being patient but I also didn't want to miss something like a PWC, etc & waste a week, KWIM?

Sooooo... I just wait & when NitrAtes finally get super high do a PWC? Or do a PWC to bring NitrItes down just so they're readable? And obviously, do PWC if the pH crashes--I wanna catch it befored that though. I guess I do best knowing what to approximately expect but I understand it won't be text book.

librarygirl 06-03-2012 08:52 PM

Since you're just seeing nitrites just wait it out a bit. The nitrite phase is the longest I'm afraid; it can take 3 weeks on average. Mine took 2.5. If your PH crashes or if nitrites are still high this time next weekend then I'd suggest a large water change to bring nitrites down to a readable level, but for now just keep dosing every 24 hours as needed. Nitrates will rise as nitrites are converted, that's normal.

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