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xsamrlx17 06-03-2012 04:23 PM

Is this normal in a fishless cycle?
It has been about a week since I added pure ammonia and the ammonia level has not changed one bit. I thought I should have seen it go down shortly after and would of had to keep adding ammonia to get it back to 4. Is it normal that I've only had to add ammonia to level 4 one time and that it hasn't changed one bit in a week? This is a 50 gallon tank that I am determined to be patient with for the benefit in the long run. (This is my first completely fishless cycle) I am using an AquaClear (20-50g) filter along with a Tetra internal (2-10g) filter on the other side (I just added the internal one yesterday). The tank isn't filled all the way to the top and has a good amount of aeration. Also the temperature has been between 80-84. My friend said he is going to give me 2 liters of filter water from his healthy established tank (for seeding), is the filter water good or should I ask for something solid to borrow (like gravel)? Answers much appreciated! :)

jetajockey 06-03-2012 04:54 PM

It's normal, it can take several weeks before you start seeing movement in the ammonia level. The water itself won't do much good but if you could get him to scrub the filter media in it, or give some of the filter media itself, it'd definitely help a lot more.

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