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Evilgrin 09-15-2012 03:22 AM

Hello All
Well where to begin. Guess I'll start with saying that I've had FW Tanks several years ago but due to well life in general I haven't had the time to get them set up. Well due to a recent rekindling of interest and life situations allowing I will be returning to the world of fishkeeping hopefully within the next 1 - 2 months.

My previous tank was a heavily planted 29 gallon community tank that was running for several years with no major issues. Plants in that tank from memory were Cabomba, Amazon Swords, Water Sprite, Banana Plant, Some Red plant with variegated leaves smaller but similar to an Amazon Sword and a low growing plant that I just can't quite picture in order to attempt identification. It's been several years. I used a DIY Co2 system and had 2 24w 50/50 10k/acintic blue compact florescent bulbs for lighting, from what I recall it was way too much light for a 29 gallon tank but it was almost free so I used it. As for fish stock There were about 10 neon tetras, 10 zebra danios, 2 red tail sharks, 1 small pleaco, 2 samurai algae eaters, several snails (very small), 6 tiger barb tetras.

The tank I'm currently getting ready to setup will be a 55 gallon planted tank with a dirt substrate capped with Seachem Flourite black sand may do Co2 but will wait a see if it's necessary with the organic dirt as a first layer of substrate. I still have my compact florescent lighting as well as several 4 foot shop lights I can take apart and re-purpose to light the tank since I'm going to be building the stand as well as the hood anyway. Hopefully will be able to have every thing setup within the next month or so.

Andrew McFadden 09-15-2012 12:27 PM

:welcome: to AA! :)

Samzter 09-15-2012 02:15 PM

Welcome to AA! Hope you like the site so far!

melosu58 09-15-2012 04:16 PM

Welcome aboard. We are glad you found us here at AA. :welcome:

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