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charlieweaver21 10-07-2012 01:51 PM

new tank!! :)
So this is my third tank i have a 75 and a 55. And now just got another 75. My first tanks were a completly new start had to cycle and all. This tank i pick up yesterday was already running and had about 25 fish in it already. So when i went to get it was bad. Like nasty has hell so i brought a 20 gallon tank amd put all the fish in ther with the water they were in and a battery air stone. The tank had been half way filled up for liken 3 months and never touched dont know how fish were living but i wanted to save then. So i got everything home i left like 5 inches of water in it with the rocks and drift wood cover. It was heavy took 3 guys to move it lol. So we spent like 7 hours cleaning the tank makeing sure to only use decolrenated water. As to keep bacteria alive. And then we stated to fill it up using bottled water that pre deionzed with slim coat and all. So as we filled it i also began to vacum the gravel some it was so bad. So 8 hours later i test water everything fine temp is good and i start putting fish back in. 12 hours later every fish seems happy and all alive! Water is still a bit cloudy but filter should get that clean. Now my main question is i have never had a canister's filter before so i took it apart and clean it really good guy never cleaned for like 3 month i though i would throw up. So on cainister filters how should i set up the filter levels here is what i did.

Bottem to top
Bio sponge
Nitrite and ammonia rocks
Bio sponge
Nitrite and ammonia rocks
Then 100% polyester water polish

Is this ok. To much? What do yall run?
Its a cascade 1000.

librarygirl 10-08-2012 09:23 AM

Good for you for saving the fish! :D

Why bottled water? That's going to be pricey lol Why not use your tap water?

What are nitrite and ammonia rocks? I've never heard of those? Can you post a pic?

charlieweaver21 10-08-2012 10:16 AM

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Heres a pic i guess its just ammonia Removing rock. And i used bottle water because i had no where for the amd need a quick perfect setup.

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