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Josie 11-17-2012 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by Patrick_Fish
Are Cory catfish algae eaters?

They're not huge on cleaning algae from your glass or decorations (unless you're starving them). They're debris eaters that will eat flakes of food that sink to the bottom from the fish above. But they won't solely survive on that: you'll want to drop a bottom-feeder wafer (Hikari is best) in there daily. The pellets swell and they go a long way: for my 3 little guys I take a wafer the size of a flattened pea, break it into 2-3 pieces and drop it onto a soft, sandy spot. As they clean the bottom of the tank they come across them and nibble from time to time. As they get bigger I'll add a 3rd to my daily regiment, but fish eat surprisingly little.

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