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Josie 11-19-2012 10:01 AM

Thanks for the advice about breaking up the wafer: I also started adding fewer (1/2 wafer in the morning before the light's on, 1/2 at night after light's off). The change was astonishing: they went from picking at their food to an itty-bitty feeding frenzy. I was definitely feeding them too much before. When I say I have bottom feeder wafers I mean that's literally what on the packet: Hikari Sinking Wafers ("Ideal for Bottom Feeders!"). Among the ingredients listed are Spirulina, Silkworm and Krill. I'll get them some veggie and algae wafers for variety, but for now I would like to avoid live/frozen food because I can be a bit absent-minded (I keep some of my spices in the freezer to preserve flavor, and I'm just the type who would blindly reach for the rosemary and end up dumping frozen worms into my dish). "My, what wn unusual texture-- WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT!?" *Gag, Vomit, Hyperventilate, Repeat*

I'm definitely going to upgrade to a 20; I just can't really do it until after Christmas (you know how it goes: EVERYONE expects a present and I always get rocking, geeky gifts for everyone because I'm so awesome).

I believe 2 male guppies it is! Once I get them in a larger tank I'll get them some lady friends if they've good boys. ;D Plus, these little Cory are ADORABLE and I want more!

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