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sharmz30 02-22-2013 06:46 PM

Raising German Blue Ram Fry
Hi everyone, my German Blue Rams spawned last night and I am busy getting all my facts straight before they hatch (if they do!).
I have found a few good websites on timelines or what to feed and how big they are at various weeks etc, but still have a few questions that need answering. I would like input from people who have had actual experience with raising German Blue Ram fry please.
1) When they hatch (after about 36-48 hours), they are not considered free swimming, but do they still need me to provide food at this stage? If so what???
2) When they become free swimming (at about 5 days), what do I feed then?

I have heard of Hikari First Bites, Infusoria, Wardley Small Fry Liquid Food. I actually have Hikari first bites and Wardley liquid drops available at the moment but would have to prepare the Infusoria if suggested.
3) Since the eggs were laid in my 20 gal community tank, is it okay to put Infusoria in the water? Will this later be a problem when I put my schooling fish back in (ie. make the water unhealthy for the fish, etc)?

Please help me out as this is my first time dealing with fish fry, although I have tried to do my research. Will keep you guys posted as to what happens!

Sillyfishies 02-23-2013 05:55 PM

I would like to know also.

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