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Erod714 05-31-2013 01:43 AM

T5 light bulb flickers but others don't ??
Hello and thank u for time.. Q: I have 2 T5 bulbs on my fixture.. One is a color max aqueon and the other is a coral life10,000 k 25wats.. They are both brand new bulbs however, the coral life flickers and turns off when I turn the switch on.. The color max stays on without any flickering.. I took back the coral life to lfs and the same thing happen.. Flickering and off.. I checked wires, ballast, and pins but they look in good.. What could be causing the flickering of my coral life 10,000k 25 wat bulb. ? Does it matter one is higher in kelvins than the other ? I'm stuck .. Idk if I have a bad fixture or a bad bulb??? Plz help .. Thanks :confused:

ezy33 06-02-2013 01:23 PM

If you swap lamps in your fixture and the flickering follows the lamp then it's a bad lamp. If it stays on the same side with a different lamp then it's your fixture. If it flickers a the store then the lamp is bad.

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