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ThePoopGUNZ 07-30-2013 10:26 AM

Back in the Aquarium game
Hey all,

Just recently joined and so far am loving using this app on my phone to look up info.

I've had fish as a kid and in highschool and loved it but never really took responsibility for tank maintenance (thanks pops). I just fed them and loved having fish.

Wanted to get back into it so I went out and purchased a 6 gallon cylinder style tank. As per most newbies, I followed the instructions of the pet store and dropped 5 zebra danios in there 48 hours after purchase and set up. Just this past week I learned all about the nitrogen cycle.

I've gone out and purchased a master test kit, bucket, siphon, net, algae scrubber, etc. I also have an air stone, bio wheel water fall style filter and heatr. I don't feel like returning the fish as they've survived so far for 2 months. As soon as I learned about he nitrogen cycle I immediately did a 50% water change and am now going to monitor my ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels daily and make necessary changes. Hopefully the danios hold out.

They seem content, they eagerly accept good, gills aren't red, and they chase each other constantly around the tank. Little buggers must be pretty tough.

Any more advice would be great! I'm aware that this tank set up is too small and not ideal for the little guys but they have done ok so far and I don't feel like returning them. Ill ride it out and next ill either get a betta or some neon tetras.


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