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Utradeshow 08-11-2004 05:42 PM

New Tank /Protein Skimmer?
Hey Guys, I have a 75g tank that I'm changing to saltwater, anyway.. What is the deal with these Protein Skimmers??? $30-$300, Work, Don't work, Sump, No Sump?? Geeesssss..

My question is this, I am looking for a skimmer, not sure of the sump thing, I have a wet-dry by sealife, it has an opening that is 10x6 that has a return resivoir with about 5 inches of water in it, can that be used with a "IN SUMP" or a "Stand Beside". And do you have to spend $300 on one or do the middle of the road units work as well???

Any Help would be great!!!


EL Diablo 08-11-2004 06:39 PM

I have a Remora Protien skimmer and let me tell you it works.
cost me a little over 200

you should see the nasty water it collects.

I highly recommend one.

Dont have a sump so I cant answer that for you. Sure someone else will
chime in.

Utradeshow 08-11-2004 08:36 PM

Thanks, Actually I just orderd a Aqua C Urchin Pro with the Mag3 pump, the juy said it would work in my wet-dry system, he said the "footprint" was small enough, I really didn't want a big ugly thing hanging off my tank..

Thank you, Dan

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