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ousig 02-05-2014 10:36 PM

I've actually been posting for a couple days but just read the welcome email recommending me to post an introduction. Here I am!

I've dabbled in the hobby since I graduated from college (ohio university) and moved to Cleveland OH in 1996. Started with a 2 jack Dempseys, 2 convicts, and 2 plecos in a 55 gallon. I moved to Chicago in 1998 and started a new 55 gallon with 3 yellow labs and a pair of peacocks. Moved to Charlotte, NC in 2000 and stared a 90 gallon african cichlid tank that were primarily mbuna.

Fast forward to today and I'm married with a 4 yr old daughter living near Lake Wylie, SC. I'm 24 days into cycling my 110 gallon tank with 5 gold fish. I plan on cycling 30 gallon tank starting this weekend. I plan on creating an all male african peacock tank. I hope to order my first batch this weekend:)

I hope to use this forum to meet new people and learn more about becoming a better "aquarium keeper". I look forward to having a resource that I can use to bounce ideas about stocking my tanks or solving issues that will most likely arise at some point.

Thanks for everyone's patience one dealing with another noobie and can't wait to grow my knowledge!


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