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peacockkeeper 02-06-2014 06:42 PM

Will juvenile females rile up males
So I recently set up my 75g and 3 weeks earlier I stocked my 29g with 7 juvenile peacocks they are for the most part still all under 2 inches and I can't tell which are male and which are female. They have since been moved to the 75g. I'm going for an all male tank and am going to move the females to the 29g. I currently have 3 males with color all 3-4 inches and one adult female. I also have an adult male ob in the 29g. He was moved there because he challenged for dominance and lost. I found him cowering at the top of the tank floating sidways looking terrified. I moved him to the 29g and he has been fine since. The adult female in the 75g has seemed ok and is not taking much abuse from the males. I also have one of the colored up males hiding in the rocks for the entire day he has been hard to get food too so I'm worried about him. My question is if I move the male ob to the main tank and put her in the 29g will the aggression subside. Or can the juveniles have an affect on aggression I'm sure some of them are female just can't tell for sure. Just looking for suggestions on what plan of attack would be best for all involved.

SonicsDC25 02-06-2014 07:57 PM

Any females will cause a fight for dominance, should place the adult female and any unsure genders into the 29g, then closely watch the tank and remove any males that could be in the bunch and into the larger tank. That would be my approach to it :) My worry concerns the male OB you're putting back in the 75g and whether he'll be bullied or not, but with no females in the tank, the atmosphere should be a lot calmer.

peacockkeeper 02-06-2014 08:08 PM

Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking but my worry is if the ob doesn't work out in main tank I'm kind of stuck because he doesn't play nice as tank boss. I don't know if I could leave him in with the females and the young ins. So if that is the case I will probably have to rehome him. I'm thinking I might give it a shot this weekend when I have time to hit the lfs if he's got to go. Thanks for the input.

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