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godsrcrazzy 02-11-2014 11:04 PM

total nubie down under
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hi ya
im totaly new to the marine aquarium side of fish keeping
ive started putting to gather my tank and stuff needed for my dream

list of stuff i have
tank its an old fw tank 162L (think that makes it 40 gal usa)
sump not sure of water vol but is a big one
reef octopus skimmer hb-100 external unit
2 x 3000LHP (not sure of ghp)
lighting (haven't got yet) thinking of a dsuny unit fully automated
books on keeping marine aquariums x 3 (2 still on the way)

what i'm looking at keeping is
2 x clown fish (non agro)
1 x puffer (small)
1 x not sure yet still working on that
live rock probably around 10 kg
and a clean up crew snails, shrimp, crab ect

the photos are of tank, sump, and what i,m thinking of as a setup
i know that the sum is to big for this stand new stand on its way

any advise and help would be appreciated heaps

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