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De9346 03-29-2014 10:47 PM

Questions about Electric Blue Acara
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8mo ago got my first tank. 29g tiger barbs. Loved it so much after 5mo upgraded to a 75g! I am in the process of slowly stocking. Really want a variety of color. Right now have 5 tiger barbs and 5 emerald barbs. 2 rosey barbs, 2 denisoni barbs, 2 loplo catfish and my favorite an electric blue Acara. Water checks weekly with water changes. Parameters are all great. Went to store I've been working with and the got some baby electric blue acaras in. Mine are about 2 1/2 in long definitely a male. Not sure if I should get another. The have a pair in one of their tanks and they look awesome. Havent had any aggression issues, and with them being so small not able to determine sex yet. Do you think it's safe to put two together if the new one turns out to be male too? Will they get along or am I asking for trouble? Advise would be appreciated! Also think about adding a platinum gourami and maybe some rainbow fist.

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