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thenewreef812 05-04-2014 04:28 PM

New! Give your advice!!
Currently pre-planning my tank in hopes to eventually doing reef.

What I propose to setup:
40G tank
3" sand bed (from a running tank already)
Live Fiji rock (^^^^)
Marineland emperor 400 HOB filter
Aquatic systems Protein skimmer
Marineland LED lights (changing when reef ready)
Powerhead (not sure which one)

Stocking ideas
Fish I know I have coming
2 ocellaris clownfish (from established tank)
1 yellow watchman goby (^^^^^)

What I like (mix and match them for best fit)
Pistol shrimp
six line wrasse
Royal gramma
Fire fish
Pajama cardinal
Starry Blenny
Orange stripe prawn goby

What would you put in as a cleaner package? How many of each?

Anything you would/wouldn't do? Hope to hear from you soon.

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