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Ravden 05-21-2014 09:34 PM

Goby question
Some may know but if not starting my first salty soon and it will be a 30 gallon reef. I was just at petco getting dog food and as usual I look through the fresh and saltwater (have a 100 gallon fw) but saw a white orange dot back goby good size will this be ok in my salt tank I was planning on a green clown goby but this white/orange really caught my and wifeys eye. Any input?

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Ga1981 05-21-2014 09:46 PM

Rainford goby, is a nice one,I prefer those than a clown goby, I find out the clown goby does not swim around a lot, and is mostly hiding IME...
Both nice looking fish, they need small tanks so a 30g is good enought ....

Ravden 05-21-2014 10:09 PM

Thanks I looked it up on live aquaria after starting the thread, didn't see it but if I go back and they are there I'll snap a pic I doubt ither will be there when I'm ready but I'll have picture to order fro. There or lfs thunk that will be the one I go with

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TheTodd 05-22-2014 06:36 PM

Use "search" on LA. They often don't have things in the categories, but they will sometimes come up if you search.

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