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Lukehb21 07-09-2014 05:33 AM

Hi, my first post
hi there, this is my first post being a new member. im preparing to set up my first ever tank after some extensive research online. due to my lack of space i am going to be getting a 10gal shrimp tank (maybe a little smaller). Before i start i wanted to make sure i have everything ready for starting a new tank and possibly a new hobby!

My first tank is going to probably be red cherry shrimp because i have heard that they are more forgiving when it comes to new owners basically (though i hope i will do just fine for them). I will be doing a fishless cycle on my tank, and have proceeded to order a master test kit and a bottle of ammonia for the job. As i will be using tap water in my tank so i have also purchased a bottle of tetra safe water conditioner. Atm im not sure wether my tank will be new or off a friend that hasnt used his in years so i was wondering is there any difference in how long the cycle should take? or any tips on it?

I have decided to use a sponge filter for my tank but as for the plants i am not sure what to get, would fake plants be ok? or would i need real plants for the shrimp to feed on and if not what would they eat? another thing im not sure on is what substrate to use as everytime i look up a recommended one theres another forum post on it warning to avoid it. any ideas?

In addition, i am in the process of purchasing a large bucket, a siphon vacuum, a net, airline tubing, an air pump and some airline tubing suction holders. any ideas on a small light suitable for the tank i am aiming to get? and also am i missing anything else or doing anything wrong? All response is appreciated! :)

Slade 07-19-2014 03:36 PM

Welcome. It sounds like you've done your research.
Plastic plants will be ok. Maybe a small LED will work.

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