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wadestah 11-26-2014 07:48 PM

Dead rock
I just bought a biocube from my friend. It came with a protein skimmer, pump and 30lbs of dead rock. The rock had a couple small aptaosia on it, so he had attempted to dry it out. Its in kind of a stinky rotten phase right now, but it has really good color to it. The tank has crushed coral in it that he used as substrate, and i figure that has enough organic matter in it to cycle the tank, so i filled it up with tap water, though i may get an rodi when i do a 100% water change after it cycles. At that point i will also take out most of the crushed coral and put in live sand. My question is, what should i do with the rock? Im between just throwing it in, acid washing it, bleaching it, boiling it baking it, or some other suggestion if it sounds clever. I dont really care if it takes a couple months to cycle, but i dont want to wait a whole year. Im also worried that if i just throw it in that it will be in such a toxic environment that it may become permanantly tainted with high levels of nitrates/phosphates. Any suggestions are welcome.

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