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Treehouse 01-01-2015 02:52 PM

Happy New Year!
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I have been keeping freshwater fish for about 12 years. For the past 6 I have had a 125 gal cichlid tank.
Right now I am struggling with a significant algae problem which I've never had before. I think it has something to do with switching to love a rock in my fish became quite large and my smaller ornaments we're no longer big enough.
I am using clearmax in my fluval filter and do frequent maintenance but don't have much luck at cutting back the algae. Any ideas?
( sorry about the sideways pics..also seem to have an Android screen rotation problem lately...)

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Brookster123 01-01-2015 03:13 PM

That's not necessarily a bad thing in a cichlid tank, surely they are nibbling on it? How long the lights on?? If you want to nuke it? Go to cvs and but a case of hydrogen peroxide, fill a 5 gal bucket and leave the rocks in there for an hour.. rinse them very well and place back in tank.

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Treehouse 01-01-2015 04:01 PM

Thanks... Yes they are nibbling on it. The biggest problem is the amount that starting to grow on the glass, I can't keep up with it and the pleco is a bit lazy. I do have h2o2 for my hot tub so I'll try your suggestion to at least cut it back

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