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Madame_X 10-15-2004 10:39 PM

Out of hiding
After almost exactly a year of hiding under a log, our peppermint pleco has decided to explore the tank.

We thought this fish was going to stay under that log for her entire life. The only time she would peek out even a tiny bit was when the lights were off and her algae wafer didn't fall where she could reach it. Once night last week, a movement caught my eye. Much to my shock, she was scurrying around in the back of the tank! 8O A few days later, she was on the glass.

This isn't a great pic--I hope to get a better one that shows how gorgeous she is! But I'm so surprised by this sudden change I had to take a picture.

fearlessfisch 10-15-2004 11:36 PM

Oh, my entire YEAR?????

What a cautious little girl! She is adorable....those spots! Congratulations--it must be so satisfying to see her exploring and enjoying herself after all this time.

Cafe Jeff 10-15-2004 11:50 PM

After three months, I only know that my Talking Cat is even alive by the barbels that occasionally protude from his hiding place. Jeff
Nice pleco, btw.

Madame_X 10-16-2004 06:53 PM

That's how this was, Jeff. Usually she was upside down underneath the log. Occasionally, she would sit on the substrate beneath it and you could see her sillouette in the darkness but we could never enjoy her pretty spots.

I'm so glad she decided to come out! :D

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