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drmofsea 09-23-2002 02:42 PM

velvet !!!
my 55 fowlr tank has dog faced puffer has it , and i just lost my niger trigger to it ...i'm pretty sure the dog face isnt going to make it .. i have been using rally in the tank , to try and cure it , but odviously it isnt working .
the only fish in there that doesnt have it is my valentini puffer ( technicly a toby i think )
my q is..... how long will it take the velvet parasites in the tank to die off once there arent any more infected fish in there? what would be the best way to be sure it is all gone ?
this sure sucks..... i'm watching my dog faced puffer die a very slow death . her eyes are almost non existent , she hasn't eaten in days ( she was a pig) and she breathes real slow and hard......

loganj 02-15-2003 03:23 PM

This is one that got past us. I realize that it's a bit late, but here is a link to an article that will answer many question about common marine diseases and their treatments.
Maybe this will be of use to any who are having disease or parasite problems in their SW tanks.
Logan J

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