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Bradley1 09-10-2015 01:41 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm an 18 year old guy who's been keeping fish for a while but has only seriously started getting into it this year. So far, I have 4 tanks total, with plans for more! As many as I have time to maintain lol. All 4 are freshwater, 2 of which are heated and 2 are kept at room temperature.

The 2 room temps are: a 30gal with 2 juvenile pumpkinseed and a 20gal with 3 local Cyprinidae and a crayfish.
I also have a 5gal heated with an apple snail and a 3gal heated with a betta (my profile pic). I can still recognize all of them by name XD Can't wait to spend some time on the forum :)

SpaceFish42 09-10-2015 02:26 AM


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