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feenixfire 12-16-2015 12:30 PM

New biocube 29 FOWLR
Hi all, new to the forum and to saltwater in general (had/have tons of freshwater tanks). I picked up a biocube 29, want to go with FOWLR for now and maybe coral in the future but i'm confused on the live/dry rock. First I read somewhere it takes months of curing dry rock to get it to live rock, then somewhere else mentioned using a piece of live rock as a seed to get the dry rock set. My question is this. I only have the one tank, my son wants his nemo asap (I told him at least 2 months away), and i'm at the end of my budget so what's the expert's suggestions on getting my tank going? Can I mix live with dry rock in the biocube from the start? is there a specific ratio (e.g. 1lb live rock to every 4lb dry)? Should I just buy all live rock (crazy expensive stuff)? The plan was also to use live sand if that helps clarify. For specs the biocube is stock, added their skimmer (before I read about the better option), still need to add a heater, and I have a mini uv sterilizer i'll put in line. Ideally i'd like a couple clowns, an anemone, a starfish, and crabs but I've not done research on those so if there are blatant red flags feel free to point them out! :thanks:

tmartin722 12-20-2015 11:47 AM

You can mix live rock and dry rock. Not sure if there is a ratio to use. I would get 30 lbs total and most I could like but at least 7 to 8 lbs to get it going.

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