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DJlaysitup 02-19-2016 04:07 AM

Well what the heck - going saltwater - 29 gallons
It's not a huge decision. The rocks I put in "Carib Sea Super Naturals" said they were good for saltwater too and they did pop up with a high PH. I guess I gotta get some of those "live rocks" to make everything work.

I have an undergravel running off an X-5 (great pump) - and a regular filter...and a heater that seams to be working at 78 degrees.

I'll put in the regular salt stuff.

I'll run it for two weeks or so and check Chorine/PH and then drop in a couple small Clownfish and see how they do. :whistle:

Sniperhank 02-19-2016 01:52 PM

The rock itself should be fine for setting up the beneficial bacteria to support the system. You don't need to add 'live rock' to make it live. Cycling the system build up the bacteria that performs the nitrate cycle to make it live.
As for the undergravel filter, ditch it. They are problems that will need continued weekly maintenance that will struggle with establishing an established live sand bed, as it will have areas where oxygen won't reach and establish different types of bacteria that the oxygen zones will get.
My suggestion is to read through our saltwater articles in the articles section so you can get more familiar with saltwater set ups. Only being concerned about chlorine and ph rather than ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate is concerning as it is showing you don't know to cycle the tank before adding livestock.

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