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Gailmetc 04-11-2016 02:28 PM

Introduction, g. metcalfe
Hi, all... new member here, hoping not to make a nuisance of myself.

I have been retired for about 9 years, having had to retire early to look after my husband who had Parkinsons. He passed away in June 2015.

I was gifted with a 10-gallon basic aquaponic aquarium setup. I had reservations about whether I really wanted to get into it, as I have limited space in my apartment. We had an aquarium when the kids were at home and I am fully aware of the time and cost of maintaining an aquarium. However, I did set it up, and have already spent twice what it cost them to purchase it in the first place and still have to purchase a light for above the growbed and a submersible light in the tank that will allow me to grow actual aquarium plants. Today, I purchased my first 3 fish --only 3 because I wanted to make sure they were actually going to LIVE!!! Keeping my fingers crossed on that... Now I need to get some plants above it in the growbed, so that the plant/fish cycle can kick in. My brain has been going around in circles trying to get my head around this concept. Hopefully, this is the most difficult part and it will settle once things get going properly

Slade 04-11-2016 04:34 PM

Welcome to the forum. What type of fish?
I recently set up a 10 gallon with shell dwellers.

Delapool 04-11-2016 07:26 PM

Hi, welcome!

(I'd love to do a 10gal with shell dwellers - next on the list :) ).

Gailmetc 04-11-2016 09:13 PM

I got 3 serpae tetras... supposedly low maintenance and very hardy. Figured I better not frustrate myself any more than I have to at this stage. For the growbed on top I have started some basil, parsley and cilantro... it's just come up the other day, but I'm hopeful in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to move some of it to the growbed on top...

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