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Tropical Aquati 06-19-2016 06:15 PM

Stocking 60 gallon tank
Hey guys, I just need help and suggestions on stocking my tank, Ill also post a few photos along with another question... So, here are the things I know. I really like albino cories and kuhli loaches, so would I be able to incorporate them together into my tank somehow? Also, I want something rather different then the typical angel stocking, since I see its pretty common to have angels as the main piece, a small school of fish, another nice pop out fish such as a gourami or rams, then the bottom feeders. Id rather not have that, and actually have a nice tropical community. So far, I want the cories and loaches... The other fish id like are cardinal tetras, or neon tetras... I heard that cardinals are more hardy, if so then those... But I would like those as the main centerpiece in the tank, I think it would be really cool to see them all in there. At the same time though, I dont just want the tetras.. So, if anyone could suggest any other fish I can keep or a different/recommended stocking for my tank that would be nice. Again, my tank is 60 gallons. One last question... Im going to post my tank and I just need some opinions and suggestions. Does it look alright? I guess you can call it "scaping", but I am fairly new so I am not the greatest. I also wanted to know what would look good in the empty area in the middle. Thanks everyone :)

Delapool 06-22-2016 08:26 AM

Hi, Could you extend the plants across the back wall perhaps? Or perhaps slightly to the right of the centre, you could put a large spire of a rock and some plants to hide equipment.

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