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tallpaul003 04-25-2017 08:30 AM

Inlet Pipe Location
Hey guys
I've got a trigon 190 and have tried a few different ideas to aquascape but it still feels like it's missing something.
Will try and get some pics when I can but essentially its:-
black and normal colour sand mix
few pieces of driftwood and a plant pot on it's side
various plants in different locations
few rocks from the beach placed randomly
I installed a Betta 1620 external filter and have both the inlet and return pipes located in the corner- a spray bar the full length of the side with the inlet positioned about 30mm above the sand right in the corner.

The problem I'm finding is I don't want to block the inlet but most aquascapes I see build up into the corner to create depth- how blocked can the flow be to the pipe? Also, how high can the pipe be? Am I being too cautious keeping it low and free of obstructions?

As the trigon has quite a fair depth too, is there anything I could use to add height or is it better to keep the top half open for swimming? Any plants that have started to go over half just get swept in the current and end up at 45 degrees instead of straight up.

Thanks in advance for your help- I've been looking at your pics to get some ideas and there's some fantastic looking tanks on here btw ;)

Delapool 04-28-2017 10:28 AM

I think as long as the inlet is clear by several inches than it should be ok.

I'm keeping this one mostly clear in the top half. It looks better planted but is a lot to maintain.

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