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V227 08-16-2017 11:52 PM

120 tank, 29 tank
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I had to redo my hardscape in the 120 display tank to allow more swimming room for growing cichlids. I removed several large rocks and currently have them piled in my 65 gallon. I also had to do the same thing to the 29 gallon. These photos are from my cell phone. The lighting was more or less a sunset mode. Both tanks are stocked with new world and African cichlids. The display tank also has a large school of spotted silver dollar fish as well as a couple of Synodontis catfish and plecos. As luck would have it most of the fish were camera shy and hid in the rock piles. I'm going to aquascape the 65 gal. With the spare rocks soon.

V227 08-17-2017 01:39 PM

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I stacked the spare rocks in the 65 gal. So far so good.

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