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Mouse52 06-06-2018 07:57 PM

Feeder Guppies
So I have a friend who has an oscar tank and was recently talking to me about how she hates buying feeder fish from chain stores because you never know what diseases they might have. I asked her why she doesn't breed her own feeder fish and she told me that her parents only allow her to have one tank.

So, I offered to breed my guppies and sell her the fry as feeders for her fish. I already have 5 female fancy guppies, if I got a male would they be able to produce enough fry for an oscar? (she has 1 in a 125, about half grown I think) I was thinking of using a spare 10 gallon I have with an Aquaclear 30 that I have (leftover parts from previous tanks lol). Would this plan be feasible? Would that tank/filter be able to support that kind of load? I'm not in a big hurry as my friend said she would buy the fry off me when I needed to get rid of some.

Side note: I've also always wanted to breed guppies/livebearers. But always been afraid to be overrun with fry, so when I saw the opportunity I jumped at it.

Any advice about this would be great thanks!

Toad 06-06-2018 09:05 PM

I mean, you totally can if you want, but it'll be months before they get big enough to make a decent meal, and honestly insects make a better diet for oscars. But it's a decent setup if you're looking to cull if you're already breeding. You'll need to have a bigger grow out tank with five females making fry though lol

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