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outerbrm96 02-25-2019 05:02 PM

Restocking my 60 gallon aquarium
Since my original golden gourami passed away, I've been thinking about restocking my aquarium. Its one of those basic marineland 60gallon kits with a 350B penguin HOB filter.

So far, the only fish I'm set on keeping are my false julii corys. I currently have one golden gourami, 7 white skirt tetras, 7 zebra danios and 5 of the corys. I'd like to bump the corys up to around 10 but I'm drawing a blank for what else to keep there. I'm leaning towards smaller fish but I'm open to any suggestions!

goatnad 02-25-2019 11:31 PM

I would say just up the numbers of all your schooling fish. I love watching long fin zebra/leopard danios play tag in a big group. If only your gold gourami were a dwarf gourami I would say add more of them also but golds can get big and be quite territorial. If you want more schooling fish then you can't go wrong with rummynose tetras.

outerbrm96 02-26-2019 12:49 AM

The danios are something I'm going back and forth on but leaning towards keeping. Maybe keep them (turns out I have 12, hard to count em haha), bump up the corys to 10, add some other small fish like the tetras you mentioned and maybe as a mini showcase, find a dwarf gourami

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