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earhtmother 03-14-2019 10:58 AM

Why I end up rescuing fish
This ad was posted in Kijiji by me

8 gallon hexagon neon tank , comes with the whole set up , includes 3 glass fish, hillstream loach, 4 different suckers, amino shrimp, 2 types of guppies, 2 bumblebee fish and 1 leopard spot fish.

goatnad 03-14-2019 12:21 PM

Wow. All in an 8g tank?

earhtmother 03-14-2019 04:27 PM

Let's try that again

This was seen by me, posted in my area

YES it was ALL in the 8g hex tank since they posted a pic qas afraid to ask what the suckers were, but probably at least one was a pleco

Brookster123 03-14-2019 05:51 PM

How are the fish?

earhtmother 03-15-2019 07:45 AM

Cant ' take them cause I have no tanks they'd fit in, so not sure, I would assume stressed. Qhen I asked her what the suckers were she said 2 dwarf plecos(BNs maybe) and 2 gold(Chinese algae eaters?) Ghis tank has SO many issues I am almost in rescue mode despite everything[emoji37]

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