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kmar1 12-11-2019 11:38 PM

Sick Dwarf Gourami
Hi everyone. I need help. Iím sorry if this is a double posting, I believe I did my homework and couldnít find a thread that could help me but Iím sorry if I missed it. I have a flame dg that is badly sick. It started a couple weeks ago with bloating and SB problems. I noticed it right away and began research. He was always floating, but could never stay righted. He didnít stay at the top or bottom and wasn't upside down. First he swam diagonally, then vertically with his head down. I ruled out Dropsy as he didnít have pinecone effect. I thought it was constipation so I fasted him for 2 days and then began feeding him peas and Epsom salt baths. On day 5 he was laying on the bottom of the tank curled up and writhing. Iíd give him baths and he just wouldnít poop. Then day 6 I woke up and he was fine! He had poop trailing behind him, was no longer bloated and swimming great. Poop was very long (5-6 inches) and clear/white though. He was good for 2 days, and then the 3rd day I came out to the tank in the morning and thought he was dead. Laying on the bottom of the tank not moving. But he was breathing. Heís been like that now for about 6 days. Again I bathed him and fasted him, but to no avail. I stopped bathing him because heís not bloated and does poop and didnít want to stress him as I basically have to scoop him off the bottom. Also I have to hand feed him each day with a long plant tweezers thing. Heís very hungry but I can only get maybe one or two flakes to him. Iíve included a picture. Heís not bloated, no pine cone, no skin problems, nothing I can see. He just canít swim. I got API General Cure but thatís Didnt help. His eyes bulge a little bit heís very much aware of his surroundings and moves his eyes and watches me when Iím at the tank. Does anyone have suggestions? I donít want to loose him!
I have a 10g planted tank. 6 glow light tetras and two shrimp with him. Everyoneís healthy. Water is good, 0-0-10/20 nitrates. I do a water change weekly. Ph around 7.7 GH and KH normal for a planted tank. Tank was cycled for about 3 months and Iíve had him for 3 months too. Also I try to feed them a good diet, two types of flake food, freeze dried mysis shrimp and daphnia, peas, and seaweed. Dried bloodworms on occasion and live bbs though he doesnít like them.

Thanks !!

kmar1 12-11-2019 11:45 PM

I was going to add a pic but I dong know how. :/

kmar1 12-11-2019 11:51 PM

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Attachment 314653

Hereís the picture. Heís just laying on the gravel.

kmar1 12-14-2019 02:07 PM

I’ve decided to do a treatment of Maracyn and Maracyn 2. Does anyone think of any other ideas ?

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