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Crabcake 01-14-2020 09:19 PM

Can You Give Me Some Stocking Ideas for my 20 Long?
Hey, I have a cycled 20 gallon long with:
1x albino bristle nose pleco
1x African dwarf frog
1x Wood shrimp
1x nerite snail.

It is currently planted with java moss, hornwort, moss balls, and small little java ferns. I will be getting water wisteria and more java moss soon.

I was deciding how to Stock the rest of my tank. I thought of maybe cherry shrimp and start getting them to breed, or a school of cardinals or harlequins. What do you think? I don't want something too common and I don't want to have to give my fish and inverts in the tank rn to get it.

Please give some suggestions down below! I really like gouramis, shrimp, and oddball fish by the way! Thanks!

libertybelle 01-15-2020 02:44 AM

I’m not sure I can help as far as oddball fish but I can say that if you want to have shrimp in the tank most things like Gouramis and even tetras will eat your shrimplets and maybe even the adults when they molt. It’s possible you could have shrimp outbreeding predation but (depending on what fish you choose) there is no guarantee.

If you want to keep shrimp you might try a bigger species like amanos if there will be predators in the tank. They get pretty big and are quick and bold enough to fend off many opportunistic fish. I recently had to rescue all my ghost shrimp from some skirt tetras who were having a grand old time hunting them down. I was going to move my biggest amanos too but I watched the tank and saw a skirt move towards the amano who just flailed it’s arms are the tetra until it swam off. Lol; they won’t do well against large aggressive fish but they hold their own against the half hearted attempts.

I do personally love harlequins; they stay small so you can have more and they don’t hide in the plants as much as other tetras. I’ve never had them but If I was setting up another planted tank today I would totally go with rummynose tetras. They apparently tend to be some of the tightest schooling fish around which might be a great effect in a nice planted tank. And having a slightly larger fish in the tank like some kind of dwarf gourami might keep them schooling more often.

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