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Madison_ 02-15-2020 10:36 AM

Chubby Betta?
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Hi, Iím not sure if my betta is starting to look a little overweight, or if sheís at a healthy weight. Attachment 315263
When I look at her from the top view the middle of her body definitely looks more filled out but Iím not sure if thatís normal.

libertybelle 02-16-2020 10:40 AM

Stop fat shaming your betta!

Lol just kidding; but in all seriousness to me she just looks healthy.

You could add a fast day once every week or two if youíre worried about constipation

Madison_ 02-16-2020 06:10 PM

Yes I fast her once a week. She seems to have weeks where she poops a lot and weeks where she doesnít as much...

jordana12903 02-16-2020 06:52 PM

She looks very healthy to me. Good job caring for her!

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