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Yohance 02-16-2020 06:41 PM

Do you have to quarantine plants?
Hey guys, I was just had a question do you have to quarantine plants, or can you just add them straight in the tank when you buy them from a fish store?

SaraB 02-16-2020 08:09 PM

If you want to avoid hitchhikers then yes. If you notice any issues with the fish in the plant tank at the store then yes.
If you don't care about extra snails or there aren't any fish with the plants then no.

Yohance 02-16-2020 09:27 PM

Ohh ok thx, do hitchhikers Have any benefits to the aquarium or are they bad?

SaraB 02-16-2020 09:40 PM

Depends on the species. Snails will eat algae but some reproduce like crazy.

Yohance 02-16-2020 09:41 PM

One last question? If the fish in the tank were sick how Would you quarantine the plants?

SaraB 02-17-2020 06:33 AM

I've honestly not run across that issue. Maybe someone else can answer that.

Yohance 02-17-2020 10:26 AM

Ohh ok thx anyway for all the help Sarah!! 😃 appreciate it.

BBradbury 02-17-2020 12:52 PM

Hello Yo...

I've never quarantined anything that goes into my tanks. As for plants, I rinse them in some warm tap water. I do my planting when I'm in the middle of a tank water change. The water level is low and this makes it easy to place the plants.


Yohance 02-17-2020 02:53 PM

Ohh I see, you donít quarantine fish tho?

libertybelle 02-21-2020 02:15 AM

To quarantine or not is a personal choice you have to make based on your own evaluation of the risks.

Would you be very upset if you got pond snails from the plant? do you have expensive fish that youíd be devastated to see get sick or you donít want to medicate your main tank? Best to quarantine. Do you not have much in your main tank; thoroughly trust your lfs or wouldnít mind medicating the whole tank if something comes up? then skip it.

I almost always quarantine everything but Iím only looking for the most common of issues so I may only do a week or so. Itís insufficient time for me to be absolutely sure the fish are free of everything but itís a level of risk Iím usually willing to accept. For plants I usually rinse well in tap water then put them in a bucket for a few dayís just to look for snails on the side of the bucket. Again; insufficient to completely ensure no hitchhikers but itís the level of risk Iíve found Iím okay with.

The proper quarantine technique if you really REALLY want to protect your main tank is the new fish spend months on their own then an inhabitant from the main tank moves into the quarantine tank to check for diseases the new fish may be asymptomatic for. As you can imagine very few people are doing quarantine with that level of rigor, instead people determine what level of risk they are willing to accept.

Yohance 03-04-2020 07:29 PM

Ohh ok thank you so much, that makes way more sense. Thx for the advise appreciate it!

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