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AJuris 02-17-2020 09:32 PM

Thank you for letting me join your group.
Hello everyone. I used to be very involved years ago but things changed. We moved and life went on. Itís been over 15 years since weíve had a tank set up and Iíve notice a lot has changed and a lot hasnít. Before I stopped I was raising Angels trying in vain to get them to breed. I took a job at Superpetz, hoping that I might get some information from customers and co-workers. I did get a different job out of it. I became a representative for Marineland. I would go to the different pet stores and set up the different filters and answer customers questions. I did learn a lot about filters and filtration. During this time I lost my large Angels and my wife said to not replace them and to not replace anything else when it dies. She was tired of it. So that was the end of my tank till now. We now have a granddaughter and we inherited my daughters fish from their 10 gal tank so we both decided to set up the 33 gal flat back hex again. This time Iím doing things differently. Iím putting in live plants for a first. Iím going with community schooling fish. So to start out I got the Fluval Aquasky Bluetooth Led light. I installed a Marineland Penguin 350b dual bio-wheel filter. A tetra 200 watt submersible heater. A decent size piece of drift wood. Ozelot Plant (Echinodorus ozelot)x4, Anibias Barteri x 3, Anubias nana 2. We currently have 3 Kuhli Loaches, 5 Otocinculus Cats, 1 Peppered Cory, a Sunburst Orange Glofish Long-Fin Tetras, a Moonrise Pink Glofish Tetras, Sunburst Orange Glofish Danios and a female betta. Now my plan is to add the following: Peppered Corydoras 4, 1 Galactic Purple Glofish Long-Fin Tetras 1, Starfire Red Glofish Long-Fin Tetras 1, Electric Green Glofish Long-Fin Tetras 1, Moonrise Pink Glofish Long-Fin Tetras 1, Sunburst Orange Glofish Tetras 1, Galactic Purple Glofish Tetras 1, Cosmic Blue Glofish Tetras 1, Starfire Red Glofish Tetras 1, Electric Green Glofish Tetras 1, Sunburst Orange Glofish Danios 1, Electric Green Glofish Danios 2, Galactic Purple Glofish Danios 2, Cosmic Blue Glofish Danios 2, Starfire Red Glofish Danios 2. I know I might take flack for getting the Glofish but we wanted something bright and colorful for our granddaughter to look at. Iím open to suggestions. I did check the new formula that uses the total water surface to calculate how many fish of what types, skinny of full bodied vs salt. From that I did adjust how many fish I was going to put in. Again I am open to suggestions. And finally again thank you for letting me join your group.

Autumnsky 03-04-2020 03:23 AM

Welcome to the community. Kids love fish.

They are a fun hobby.

melosu58 03-10-2020 11:48 AM

Welcome aboard. We are glad you found us here at AA. :welcome:

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