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jbeatts 02-19-2020 09:54 PM

do I remove the media reactor?
I put some mushroom corals that were on a piece of rock in my tank. The rock had some red algae on it and by morning the amount that was there had quadrupled. I didn't take care of it immediately so my tank was covered in algae and the corals were being overgrown. I cleaned the tank and got the majority of the algae out. I then added a media reactor with phosphate media. There is little algae left and the media reactor seems to have stopped it from growing more, some of it is even dying. My question is: can I remove the media reactor or will the algae start growing again? Also are media reactors a permanent type of equipment or something you only whip out when an issue arises and once the issue is resolved it should be removed?

Sniperhank 02-20-2020 06:09 PM

Sounds like you are describing cyanobacteria. This will thrive in low flow zones with nutrients in the water column.
If you need to run media in your system to keep things at bay, you aren't the only one, but make sure it isn't replacing your weekly water changes to replenish other essential elements. Might also need to reduce feeding to see if that helps or increasing flow in the system.

jbeatts 02-20-2020 07:14 PM

Iím very strict with my water changes so I know I will continue with them regularly. My tank definelty is lacking in flow, so I just purchased another wavemaker, which should arrive in a day or two. So, I should keep the reactor in the tank?

Sniperhank 02-21-2020 07:00 AM

I don't know why you would remove it. It isn't hurting anything. Maybe when you are cyano free you can try removing it to see what happens. Might also want to make sure the TDS of your ro/di water is at 0 if you are strict on the water changes.

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