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harrylif 02-20-2020 04:17 AM

My orandas skin.
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Good morning.I am concerned regarding my oranda's skin which seems to have developed something, please see photo. A scale seems to be missing and a lump above white part.The fish lives alone and is happy, swimming around and eating. I was wondering if it had damaged its scales?
Any advice would be helpful especially if I need to treat the water. The tank uses a Fluval 306 filter and I have 2 airstones and a Fluval U1 as it likes to play in the bubbles from it.Thanks

BBradbury 02-20-2020 08:17 AM

Hello harry...

Sometimes swimming against something that's a little abrasive can cause a slight injury. I keep Fancy Goldfish and I'll see a scale missing at times. I don't think this is serious. What's your tank maintenance routine? I change out at least half the water in my Goldfish tanks every week. I also add a teaspoon of standard aquarium salt to every five gallons of treated tap water. Salt is excellent for scaled fish. It boosts the immune system and helps heal injuries. I've used it for years in all my fish tanks. I also feed a little Spirulina every other day. It's high nutrient and helps with digestion.


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