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Tirral 02-20-2020 05:48 AM

Floating fish tank design
Hi all,
I am looking at making my own aquarium that will be 1000mm(L) x 300mm(H) x 450mm(W).

It would be a similar design to the fluval edge which has and overhang on the bottom. Basically the tank sits on a plinth and over hangs the edges on the front and sides by about 80mm and has a full glass top with a cut out for access. See image Below:
I would like my tank to over hang the front and sides but by on 40-50mm.

could anyone help me on size glass would i be looking at getting to achieve my plans.

Thanks Tirral

Tirral 02-20-2020 02:58 PM

Here is a sketchup 3d image of how the tank would look once finished with stand. Any ideas on glass thickness? Thanks

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