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Aquariums420 02-20-2020 10:28 AM

Sale or trade
Serious inquires only please!
Iím starting a new project, I need to offload some of my aquariums, and some fish lol. I have the following available. Iím going to be getting a bigger aquarium but wife says I have to get rid of 2-3 of my others..... bummer, lol. Anyways, hereís what I have:

4 Gold Severums range from about 3Ē-5-6Ē or so. Semi aggressive.

4-5 tiger barbs, semi aggressive, WILL EAT SMALLER FISH.

6-8 Platinum angel fish. Range from qtr size to about the size of a gold ball (body).

Columbiaís Tetreas I have a school of 6. They are also semi aggressive, will eat smaller fish

I have been feeding them live crayfish, live guppy that I breed, frozen blood worms, they get pellet and flake food as well as meal/super worms from time to time.

Serious interest only. Idc if you think itís expensive Iíd like 5 per fish adoption fee. This is to make sure your going to actually take care of them. Iíve cared for them since they were 1Ē or smaller. (I know tiger barbs can go for $2-$3 in the stores. But how well kept are those fish?).

75g Tall with dual light hood, black stand, cascade 300 filter, (Iíll be needing my heater so it wonít come with) I have a bunch of decor as well that came with you can pick from. Gravel also comes with.

Make offer. Currently running with fish listed above.

40g breeder (kinda meant for lizards but has been running fine as an aquarium) comes with cascade 300 filter, no light, no hood, I have some decor you can pick from also no heater.

Make offer currently running with black angels, guppies, and a cray fish

Might have 2 more aquariums available but not ready to let go of them so stay tuned.

Iím located in Central, CT

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