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Dooney 02-21-2020 01:31 PM

Aquarium leaked, saved most of the fish
My 29 gallon aquarium sprung a bad leak last Thursday. My husband rushed to get the water out while I rushed to save the fish. I have had the fish in a small 2 gallon tank for a week while we cleaned up the carpet and finally set up the new tank. The new tank has been running for a day and one night. I added a few cups of the old water to the new tank to speed up the cycling process. How long do I have to wait to add the survivors back in the new tank. I don't want to keep them in the small holding tank too long. Will a few cups of the old water be enough? HELP!:(

libertybelle 02-21-2020 01:49 PM

Get them in the new tank ASAP.

The cup of water will make almost no difference (bacteria grow on surfaces) but if the 2gal is uncycled just like the new tank; better to be in a larger volume of water to dilute the waste. If you still have wet or damp filter media from the old filter that will help. As will any gravel or decor you kept damp. Hopefully you didn’t throw out or dry out the old filter media?

(Sorry your tank leaked, that stinks!!)

Dooney 02-21-2020 04:20 PM

It was a very exciting evening! I have a filter in the small tank that's been running since day two when I realized I couldn't get the new tank up until the carpet was cleaned and dried out. I had used water from the leaking tank and have added some as it evaporated. Unfortunately I did clean the main filter and decorations out. I do have a few net fulls of gravel and lots of plant matter. Do you think it's better to put everything into the new tank then keep the survivors in the small tank? I did put too "test" fish into the new tank and they have been great.

libertybelle 02-21-2020 04:25 PM

I absolutely think you should move everything including any gravel and plants and any filter media from the small tank into the bigger tank. Dealing with a fish in cycle in a larger area will be much easier on the fish.

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