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chris4471 02-22-2020 02:10 AM

Bolivian ram and firemouth breeding?
So I was redoing some stuff in my 33gallon and decided to temporarily move my female Bolivian ram into my 75g with my male firemouth. After a couple days I noticed shed taken a real liking to him. She often follows him around the tank like a lost puppy and he doesnt seem to mind most of the time, shes even cleared off the smooth base to one of my larger fake plants and often guards the area. Shes even become aggressive toward my gourami which can be a little amusing considering shes half the size. Theyre both around 2.5in so I know the firemouth is a little small for breeding yet but they do seem to be acting paired up especially the ram, Im curious if anyone has heard of Bolivians and firemouths breeding or if its even possible, if so I might leave her in the tank a little longer and see if anything else happens.

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